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9/24/16 Report - Very Neat 4-Reale. Scale Weight or Assay Sample. Thirty Gold Bars Hidden On Beach.

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Interesting 4-Reale
Find and photo by Darrel Strickland

This is an old find by Darrell Strickland.  Darrell said, I sold the shaped 4 reale to Hugh Mitchell many tears, ago. Really hated selling a lot of my finds, but needed the money back then.

Thanks for sharing Darrell.


This is one of those artifacts I've lived with for a while and still go back and forth on its identity.  Sometimes I'm pretty confident it is a scale weight.  There are other times that
 I think it is an assay sample.  Right now I'm about 80% on the side of scale weight.

Find and Photo by Author.
It is about the same shape as a silver ingot that I showed in my 12/7/12 post.  What reminded me of it, though, is the scale weight I posted the other day shown below.

Scale Weight Found At The Luna Settlement Shown a Couple of Days Ago In This Blog
Photo credit: University of West Florida
Two features that I noticed are the "X" which is stamped very much like the "1" on the other item, and the circular marking in the center.  If you look closely you can see what appears to be a wreathe in the center of the silver item.

While the markings for both items are similar in some ways, the shape is different.  The silver item is not shaped well for stacking, which I would think would be desirable for scale weights.

I also never saw another scale weight made of silver. Some say they just used what they had.

I don't think the silver item is Spanish either, and I don't know why it is stamped with a "1" when the weight is 10 grams.

Well, I still don't have a firm conclusion, and I might be living with that mystery as long as I live.


Here is a story from 2014 that I missed at that time.

A gold-rush has started at a beach in Kent where a German artist buried £10,000 worth of bullion as part of an arts festival.

Michael Sailstorfer has hidden 30 24-carat gold bars on Folkestone's Outer Harbour beach.
More than 150 people started digging for gold when low tide exposed the beach. Organisers say prospectors can keep any bars they find.

The Folkestone Digs project is part of the town's triennial arts festival...

Here is the link.


Karl and Lisa are still hanging around.  There is a new disturbance over by Africa.  Maybe it will come this way.

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