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9/29/16 Report - Hurricane Matthew To Turn North. Bottles From Old Inn. Horse Skeleton Uncovered in St. Augustine

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Hurricane Matthew
The big news today is that we now have a hurricane in the Carribean Sea.  It is expected to turn north and could come our way.  You can see the cone above.  If it tracks towards the western part of that cone, it could hit Florida next week.  Even if it passes to the east of us, we could still get some good waves.  This is something to keep an eye on.

The surfing web sites are predicting a smooth surf for the rest of this week, but they are predicting up to ten feet for Wednesday of next week.  As we well know, bumps in the long term prediction like that often do not happen.


The remains of a 200-year-old pub that was found buried under newer construction as a site was being prepared for a new skyscraper.  I really liked looking at the finds at this site, which included excellent old bottles, some still full.  Below is a picture of a full bottle that was found at the site.  That is a bottle-hunter's dream.

Full Bottle Recovered From Construction Site.


Talking about finds at construction sites, here is an excerpt from an article about a find in St. Augustine.

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla.—At the site of a Cordova Inn in downtown St. Augustine, archaeologists discovered something rare.

While construction crews were putting in a new swimming pool, they - and archaeologists who were monitoring the project - found a horse skeleton.

"We estimate this horse to date between 1680 - 1700," St. Augustine Archaeologist Carl Halbirt says. "So, it's roughly 330 years old. It makes it one of the oldest horse burials on the U.S."

Here is the link for the rest of the article.


I really like old bottles, but I haven't shown many lately.  I'll do that sometime.  Also other non-metallic finds such as fossils, pottery, lithic artifacts, and sea glass.  

Jerry K. of Melbourne Florida sent this email.

Thanks for today's post, I really enjoyed it. I'm a transplant from Nebraska and am fascinated with the treasure hunting stories of Florida. I rarely swing a detector but always read your blog, It is really first rate. More often than not I will take my kids down south to beach comb for emeralds. No luck yet, but we are accomplished arrowhead and Morel mushroom hunters and I have raised a couple of good "finders" plus, any excuse to get outside and away from devices is a blessing!

Thanks for writing Jerry. 


I got a few emails concerning my 9/27 post.  There are different ways that I judge my posts. They include the number of people who read the post, number of Google Pluses and email responses.  Surprisingly those things don't correlate very well.  The most Google Plused posts, aren't usually the most read.  I think the Google Plused posts get a strong reaction from readers that really resonate with certain people.  I suspect the most read posts are those that get shared or circulated or otherwise publicized.  Those that result in emails are those that cause readers to want to respond.  I guess each of those measures are different in some way and maybe it shouldn't be surprising that they don't correlate very well.

I always appreciate emails.  They help me know what you are thinking.


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