Tuesday, September 13, 2016

9/13/16 Report - 16th Century Spanish Dagger Found on Treasure Coast. Beach Conditions Pretty Poor. Tropical Storm Ian.

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Here is an interesting item.  It is for sale for $1550 online, and is described as a 1715 Plate Fleet dagger.

The item description says, 16th Century Spanish, Toledo Steel dagger, found in a Spanish salvor's camp in southern Brevard County, just inshore from Florida's Treasure Coast.  The camp was either a survivor's camp or a salvor's camp which salvaged the 1715 Fleet in 1715-16.  The handle was probably replaced in the early 18th Century with Mesquite wood, obtained in the New World (Mexico), and pinned with a bronze pin, the back being filled in with lead.  A rare and unique dagger! The inscription is early Spanish - pre 16th Century.  Comes with COA from the original salvor.

That is the description.  Of course I can't verify any of that, but it is interesting.

Really remarkable condition for being buried hundreds of years.

Below is the link to the web site which has a variety of other old nautical items for sale.



John Brooks Beach Yesterday Near Low Tide.
We have a disturbance hanging over South Florida right now, but it isn't expected to develop.  I think all we'll get out of it is some more rain.  (See map below.)

Same Beach Looking South.
You can see where the high tide got to.  Notice the sea weed, which is usually a sign that the beach is building rather than eroding.

Tons of Sea Weed At Low Tide At Walton Rocks.
There are times, though rare, when there is sea weed on a beach that is producing.  What happens is that a beach cuts and then the wind shifts and the sea weed comes in a covers the cut.  I've seen that happened, but only a few times.

When there is heavy sea weed on a productive beach, you either have to detect through inches of sea weed or move the sea weed.  A few inches can make a difference.

Another problem is that aluminum and light junk can be in with the sea weed.  It is a mess but not always to be avoided.  Usually, though you find it when the sand is being dumped onto the beach.

Hurricane Ivan and Two Disturbances.
Tropical Storm Ian is supposed to stay out in the middle of the Atlantic.

There is a new disturbance coming off of Africa.

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