Thursday, September 1, 2016

9/1/16 Report - Hurricane Hermine About To Make Landfall. A Look At Some Treasure Coast Beaches.

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Jensen Beach At Low Tide Thursday
As you probably know Florida is now expecting a hurricane to land up in the panhandle.  More on that later.

In the picture above you can see a detectorist (left of center) working along the seaweed line.

Notice the dip just off the beach.

Looking South at Jensen Beach Near Low Tide
Notice the surf and the shells.  There haven't been many shells on the beaches along the Treasure Coast lately.  This is about the most that I've seen.  I spotted a piece of an old pot in the shells without spending any time looking.

At John Brooks Beach At Low Tide.
At John Brooks there were some shallow scallops and peaks.  The beach front here was mushy.

Compass On Walkway.
If you want to get a good fix on directions, you'll find this indicator cut into the walkover at John Brooks.  It has been there a few years now.

Fort Pierce Inlet South.
That beach is now covered with a lot of seaweed.

As you can see Hermine has not done much for out Treasure Coast beaches.

Hermine is now a level 1 hurricane and about to make landfall.  An eight to twelve foot surge is expected.

Hermine is then expected to cross over and follow the seacoast north.

That is what most people are paying attention to, but notice the disturbance work west across the Atlantic.

Gaston is still handing around in the middle of the Atlantic.

That is it for now.

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