Saturday, September 3, 2016

9/3/16 Report - New Disturbance On Its Way. How One Beach Changed Last Week. Tracking Treasure. Fisher Action.

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Hermine is gone, but all the action isn't over.  There is another disturbance approaching.  You can see it on the above chart.

Expect a small surf through the weekend.  Monday and Tuesday the surf is expected to be a bit bigger.

Even when you don't have a storm or anything rough, beaches change.  Below I'll show you what happened on one beach over the past week.  It is a good lesson.

Beach Illustration.
In my 8/27 post I showed the above illustration.  The illustration shows a beach that I hunted and where the coins and jewelry were.  That beach had a cut (shown in brown) and a distribution of coins (in the orange area), including a jewelry hole.  As I explained, this beach is a beach where mostly cheap items are found.  What I wanted to show is how finds get distributed on a beach.  It is not a random process, especially when the items have been lost a while and they have been sifted and sorted by the water.

I went back to the same beach yesterday.  That was about one week later.  As you know, we have been having mostly south winds and relatively small surf and decent tides.

Here is how the beach and target distribution had changed.

Same Beach As It Appeared Yesterday At Low Tide.
Last week the cut (light brown crescent) was about a foot high at the peak and tapered.  Yesterday the cut was not nearly as high (only about a half foot at the most) but it ran much farther (darker brown line).  Other than how that cut changed, there wasn't too much that was obvious.

The jewelry was found at a different location this time. Last week the jewelry was found at the blue circle.  Yesterday jewelry was found in the area of the blue rectangle. It was lower on the beach and was spread out along the wet sand in a narrow strip between the dry sand and water line.

It took me about fifteen minutes, at most, to find the new jewelry location and to find the items shown below.

Cheap Jewelry Found At One Beach Yesterday.
There were almost no coins found with the jewelry.  Just one penny and two bottle tops.

Although I wouldn't spend much time on a beach like this that produces almost exclusively cheap stuff, I wanted to illustrate how beaches change and how you can benefit by identifying and tracking different target areas.  Again, I didn't need discrimination because when I was in either the area where the jewelry was or the area where the coins were located, and there was almost no junk in either of those locations, and I also wanted to know where the junk was.  The junk can help you to define beach areas, and it can help to tell you where to spend your time or where to not spend your time.

The orange outlined area that contained coins last week, did not now produce any coins.  The coins were now farther south, just beyond the area shown in the illustration.  It was fairly compact or dense hole.  There was one unidentifiable piece of junk in the coin hole.  Again, no need for discrimination.

Besides that hole, which often appears on this beach, there is often another spot where concentrations of coins are found, but the second spot was not producing yesterday.

I wouldn't spend much time on a beach like this, but I did it primarily to illustrate how beaches change and how the distribution of targets on a beach will change.

Until you get to know a particular beach, you might have to do a few hunts just to become familiar with the beach.

Knowing where things were found last week helped me to find the productive area yesterday.  


Down in the Keys, the Fisher boats were back in port, however before having to come in they made some good finds, including a few silver coins and an adze.  I discussed some tools from the Treasure Coast not too long ago.  A 4 inch square stone that appears to be onyx is a more curious find.  There was another similar one found on the Atocha site about thirty years ago.

The crew of the Dare has been exploring EM hits.  One was a bomb strap.  Another target that appears to be non-ferrous was missed after digging a large hole.  They'll return to recover that one.


Keep watching the latest disturbance.

Happy hunting,