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9/17/16 Report - Harvest Moon. 1715 Fleet Rings Found This Summer. Wreck of Ulua Ships.

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Seven Panels of Life Ring Found by Larry Bacola
Photo submitted by Captain Jonah Martinez
Space Coast Daily just published an article on Larry Bacola and the two gold rings that I first described in a post on 7/28/16.  Since that time I've discussed those rings as well as other Claddagh and Life rings in other posts.

Above is a picture that Captain Jonah sent me.  (Thanks Jonah.) It shows each of the panels as if he ring was flattened out.  I think it shows the scenes a little better than the one in the article.

If you look at other similar rings found on Spanish Colonial shipwrecks, the different rings show different images.

The individual scenes on the ring are each unique and probably represent meaningful experiences or images from the life of the owner.

Thanks to Jon Morgan for sending the link to the Space Coast Daily article.


Here are a couple paragraphs from a web site on the 1554 wrecks.

On April 9, 1554, a Spanish convoy set sail from the Veracruz, Mexico, port of San Juan de Ulua, on their homebound voyage to Spain, where anxious merchants awaited the treasury on board. The fleet included four ships—the San Andrés, San Esteban,Espíritu Santo, and Santa María de Yciar—and carried more than 400 people. Among them were prisoners, old conquistadors, merchants, and wealthy citizens returning home to Spain. En route the convoy was to stop off in La Havana, Cuba...

The three ships wrecked within 2½ miles of each other, and it is believed that their crews and passengers banded together for comfort and safety. Master of San Esteban, Francisco del Huerto, salvaged a boat and sailed for Veracruz with a few seamen. Other survivors from the ship started walking southward, believing a Spanish outpost was within only a few days walk. Their assumption proved wrong. Of this group, only a few were to make it to Tampico, which was actually 300 miles away...

And here is the link.


The harvest moon was beautiful last night.  You can see it this weekend.

The Harvest Moon is the full moon closest to the autumn equinox, which this year is Sept. 22.

The harvest moon is a little different in another way.  It rises about the same time for a few nights.



Julia is now just a tropical depression. She is scheduled to wonder a little north and out to sea.

Karl is a tropical storm and is expected to work west, turning north towards Bermuda.  Karl is expected to become a hurricane.

Then we have the disturbance just coming off of Africa to watch.

A surf of one or two feet is expected, but with the harvest moon, the tides are nice and big.

Seems like only a couple of weeks ago I did the January 1 report.

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