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9/20/16 Report - WW II Class Ring Returned. Important Luna Settlement Artifact. Two Tropical Storms.

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Class Ring of WW II Medal of Honor Winner Returned
Source: Aggie News (See link below)

This is a great story.  It was told on Oliver North's War Stories TV program.  I found it online too.

The ring was lost by Tourney Leonard, a WW II Medal of Honor recipient who was killed at a battle in Germany, where his body lies in an unmarked grave.

The ring was found by a German soldier after the American dead were recovered.  His son-in-law, also a soldier, found the ring, did the research and returned the ring to the family many years after it was lost

Here is the link for the entire story.



Here are a couple of paragraphs from an article about excavations at the Luna site identified as the Luna settlement.

...“We have this large trash pit, which definitely indicates something about the number of people there, the amount of garbage they generated, the fact that they buried it, as opposed to just sort of leaving it around on the surface,” Worth said. “So, what we’re seeing is clear evidence of a two-year span of time, in which this particular corner of the site, which we think is the heart of the site, was the residence for a number of Spaniards of different social levels.’

For example, in one area containing a dense concentration of artifacts, they also found a balance scale weight, made out of a copper alloy, likely used in measuring pay for soldiers. Worth says there’s only one person in the expedition, the treasurer, who was in charge of that and, therefore, would have owned a set...

And below is one of the telling artifacts from the excavation.

Here is the link to that article.



Source: nhc.noaa.gov
We have two tropical storms now, Karl and Lisa.  Both are expected to head towards the northwest turning north before hitting the U. S.

Despite the nice big tides we are having I don't expect any significant improvement in beach detecting conditions real soon.

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