Sunday, September 11, 2016

9/11/16 Report - Oldest Multi-Year European Settlement in North America Found. Two Sides of the Same Cob and What's That Mark.

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We have one disturbance that seems to be headed this way, but it will probably not become much of anything.

The surfing web sites aren't predicting anything much bigger than a three foot surf for the Treasure Coast for the next couple of weeks.


The search is over. The longstanding mystery is solved. The location of the oldest established European multi-year settlement in the United States is indeed in the heart of Pensacola.

Discoveries by local historian Tom Garner in October and research afterward by University of West Florida archaeologists confirmed where Don Tristan de Luna established his Spanish colony in August 1559 – six years before the St. Augustine settlement and nearly 48 years before the English settled in Jamestown, Va.

The historical site is in an urban downtown neighborhood within view of the two shipwrecks linked to the Luna expedition in Pensacola Bay. UWF declined to reveal the exact location to protect the neighborhood and integrity of the site...

Here is the link.


Yesterday I showed a silver cob with one side that was much better than the other.  Here is a cob that on one side shows some detail, even though it is heavily corroded, while the other side shows no detail.

Potosi Two-Reale, Assayer R.
Other Side of Same Reale
As you can see, the second side has been wiped clean like a Clinton server.

An Odyssey paper that I referred to the other day, mentioned that cobs found on the outside of a conglomerate, corrode more than those that were on the inside of a conglomerate.  I suspect that the same thing might be true of the two side of a cob.  One side would be exposed, while the other side would be more protected.

As I also mentioned recently, galvanic corrosion might also be a factor.

On the same cob, I've been wondering about the little bulls-eye shown in the picture below.  The red arrow points to it.

Anyone have any thoughts or ideas about that?   I'd like to hear what you think.

Note the touch of iron to the right of the bulls-eye where iron leached onto the cob.


Of course the big news today is the fifteenth anniversary of the 911 disasters.  It doesn't seem that long ago.