Thursday, October 14, 2010

10/14 Report - Silver Coins, Spanish Coins, and Beach Conditions

Treasure Coast Beach This Morning.

Gold has recently been over $1385/oz. Much of that is due to the weakness of the dollar. And silver continues to do very well, nearly making $25/oz.

Here is a really handy little web site. You put in the type of American coin you have and the quantity and it will tell you the melt value of the silver coin.
For example, a silver war nickle has a $1.35 of silver in it.

Here is the link.

And here is a nice web site on the history of Spanish coins.

The miners in Chile are now out of the mine. American technology has driven much of the world economy for a number of years. Did you know that the drill bit that drilled down to the miners faster than expected was made by a small company in Pennsylvania. Reminded me a bit of the movie Armageddon - a really good action movie.

Pete R. wrote to tell me that the blue/green layer in the cliff that I showed a few days ago contains modern junk, including aluminum. That means (to me at least) that that sand was dumped there and is not the natural beach. That would also explain why it is so eroded. Sand that is not in it's natural location, like that in front of Disney at Wabasso will erode first and most because it is not protected on either side and just sticks out where it will be moved by the forces of nature.

Around the area of that same cliff there are a number of layers, most of which are evidently from somewhere else. In some places you can see very old layers on top of newer layers containing modern junk. I'll be working on figuring out what is going on there and where the old natural undisturbed beach is - how far down etc.

That also illustrates something that I often say. "Junk can provide important information." That is one reason I discourage the use of discrimination. Junk tells you what kind of items are in a certain area of a beach and can provide an approximate date to different layers like the one I was just talking about.

Normally you won't find concentrations of heavy materials like lead or gold mixed in with light materials like aluminum. So again, the light materials might be telling you that you aren't in the most promising area.

Forecast and Conditions.
The wind was out of the northwest this morning and the seas are very calm. In a day or two the seas will increase to two or three feet, which won't do anything significant.

It looks like Paula will stay down over Cuba.

Bathtub Beach has reopened again.

I took a look at some of the beaches this morning, and most were not changed to much but John Brooks surprised me. You can see it in the photo above. There was tons of loose shelly sand piled up in front of the cuts from a week of two ago. I couldn't believe how much had built up there.

Anyhow, beach conditions remain poor, but the water is calm enough to work if you are someplace not covered by a lease.

I [presented maps of the leases in the recent past.

Happy hunting,