Saturday, October 23, 2010

10/23 Report - 7 Thousand Dollar Silver Cob & "Bubble" Cobs

Piece of Eight Showing Bubble Hole.

This is a photo of a cob listed in the recent SedwickCoins auction and described as having a bubble hole.

It is not extremely uncommon to find holes like this in Mexican cobs of the 1715 Fleet. It is more unusual to find bubble holes from cobs of other mints.

One auction listed a similar cob as being pierced, which is probably not how the hole was created.

Alan Craig, author of Spanish Colonial Coins of the Florida Collection, seems to think that the holes were made when impurities were scooped out of the siver prior to stamping. That seems to make sense to me. He provides photos of a number of Mexican minted cobs showing a variety of similar holes.

Some holes look like craters with raised mounds in the center, as would be the case if someone used an instrument to scoop something out of the silver and the silver stuck to the bottom of the scoop as it was lifted.

If I correctly recall, most of these "bubble" cobs were produced under the watch of assayer J.

Here is a nice slide show of the most valuable US coins. They start at $100,000 and go up to millions.

A 5000 year old door was found. That is an old artifact. Notice the iron nails that would be detected if a person was not discriminating iron.

Here is the link. (Submitted by Don B.)

Did you notice the iron nails, which would be detected if a person was not discriminating iron?

I know a lot of you like discrimination, but it can cost you. You'll never know what you missed.

One of the stars of the second day of the SedwickCoins auction was a 1747 Lima 1 reale that sold for seven thousand dollars. If you want to take a look, it was lot 1321.

Forecast and Conditions.

Seas are now expected to run about four feet for Saturday and Sunday. As I've been saying that isn't usually enough to do much good. Combined with the high tides, though, it might shift some things on the beach front.

Richard is going to pass over Yucatan and could come out into the Gulf and intensify again. You can't tell where it will go from there.

There are also a couple other areas of disturbed weather out in the Atantic, but still far away from us.

The weather is so nice these days, that it is nice to be out even if the beaches aren't producing a heck of a lot.

Happy hunting,