Wednesday, October 6, 2010

10/6 Report - Treasure Coast Treasure Beach Detecting Conditions Upgrade

Wabasso Beach This Morning.

I don't have much time but wanted to get the report in this morning. I suppose I'll make my a number of typos.

The big news today is the upgrade in beach conditions. About half of the treasure beaches are cutting. I am issuing a treasure beach upgrade to a level 2. If it wasn't for the amount of dredged sand on the northern end of the Treasure Coast, I would probably raise the beach conditions rating to a 3.

As you can see Wabasso Beach has lost a lot of sand and looks great. If it wasn't for the dredged sand, I would give this beach a 4 rating. But as you know, conditions there are improving, but it is not as good as it looks when you take into account the dredged sand

Underlying Layer of Brown Sand at Wabasso.

This photo shows a layer of brown sand under the dredged sand at Wabasso. That is good news. the beach is starting to get eroded down to the old sand.

Not all of the beaches are eroding as much. Rio Mar is not cut and neither is Amber Sands, for example.

I heard that the beach north of Sebastian Inlet is eroding, but I didn't see it myself.

Seagrape Trail This Morning Looking South.

Seagrape and Turtle Trail both were cut but nothing like Wabasso. Those two beaches had some large scallops along with smaller cuts. It wasn't bad, but again, the problem was all of the dredged sand.

I know of one shipwreck coin that came from an Indian River County Beach yesterday.

Overall, as I said, I'll issue a Treasure Coast Treasure Beach Detecting Conditions Scale rating of 2 with the possibility of an upgrade to 3 in the next day or two.

I haven't given my numeric ratings much lately and so I'll remind you that I use a five point scale going from 1 to 5, with 1 being poor and 5 excellent. My rating is based upon the probability of finding a shipwreck cob or coin.

My rating scale starts with a 1 instead of a zero because there is always some possibility even when the probability is very low.

If you want more explanation of my rating system, use the search box on this blog and enter Treasure Coast Treasure Beach Detecting Conditions Scale. I know that is a lot, but it is relatively precise.

It is so nice to see the boring summer beach start to leave, and it will be nice to see more of the natural sand up in Indian River and Brevard Counties when the dredged sand gets removed again. I don't know why they think it will stay to begin with.

If you do find a nice cob or shipwreck coin here is a nice web site that might help you identify the coin. It explores the evolution of the royal shields that you will find on many coins. If you don't find the information elsewhere on the coin, you might be able to identify the reign, or at least narrow it down, by studying the shield.

Silver is really increasing nicely in value lately.


I've already talked about the current conditions so I'll just do the forecast here.

The seas will remain at about current levels through the day. High tides are still good and high, and the wind is coming out of the northeast. As I hoped, this did result in some erosion on the Treasure Coast, and it might increase a little more at the next high tide or two.

I don't think conditions will improve much more than that though, as the seas are expected to begin to decrease tomorrow. Later in the week, you'll have a chance to explore the low tide areas to see if anything got left behind where the rough water was.

I saw a lot of people hunting today. Conditions are as good as I've seen on the Treasure Coast almost all summer.

Happy hunting,