Sunday, October 10, 2010

10/10/10 Report - 1715 Fleet Artifacts & More

Jupiter Inlet Beach.

Photo submitted by Mike D. As you can see the beach at Jupiter Inlet did not cut. I appreciate receiving photos like this because I can't be everywhere myself.

I received an email from the Fisher organization about the fact that they are going after new deep water wrecks. They found a Swedish wreck, the Briggen Hialmar, three miles deep that sank in 1831 in the North Atlantic. It had a cargo of tropical hardwood and is the deepest wreck to ever be salvaged.

They've recovered the ship's bell, a blue and white chamber pot, a beer mug, a copper pot and a piece of the hardwood.

Here is a web site showing some artifacts from the Queen Ann's Revenge, Blackbeard's ship.

You might want to take a look.

And here are a couple artifacts for sale on eBay said to be found within walking distance of the Sebastian Inlet.

I believe I've seen photos of a pipe tamper and a similar religious ornament found on a 1715 beach before, maybe in the Fisher artifact database. I wasn't able to find them when I just looked though. If any of you know where I can find photos or mention of similar items from Treasure Coast shipwrecks, I'd appreciate hearing from you.

And here is an article about some historic artifacts that were "stored and forgotten for decades."

Sometimes private individuals make artifacts more available to the public than the archaeologists and museums. In this day of the internet, I think projects funded with taxpayer dollars should post their finds and findings on the internet for public viewing.

Forecast and Conditions.

Jensen Beach lost a lot of sand a few days ago. It, like many of the beaches are now refilling. There are a few spots where the water continues to erode a little as the high tide hits the banks, but more often the beaches are rebuilding.

I'm going to downgrade my Treasure Coast Treasure Beach Detecting Conditions Scale Rating from a 3 to a 2. Like I said there are a few spots out there that are still worth hunting, but many spots are deteriorating.

The seas are now becoming calm and expected to be less than two feet for the next week or so. That should give you a chance to check out the low tide areas to see if anything remains in the area close to the water below the old cuts. Undoubtedly I'll be downgrading my beach conditions rating to a 1 very soon.

I'd also think about taking some long walks to find any remaining cuts that haven't been hunted out.

Happy Hunting,