Tuesday, October 19, 2010

10/19 Report - Olive Jars & Stoppers, Bonhomme Richard, & Digging Wet Sand

Olive Jar Neck and Lid in the SedwickCoins Auction.

Not long ago I mentioned a reader that found a number of what he thought might be ceramic olive jar stoppers. I noticed this neck and pewter lid listed in the current auction. Although these ones are pewter, it only makes sense that there would also be ceramic stoppers. If you have seen any or know of any ceramic olive jar stoppers I would still like to hear from you.

The SedwickCoins auction already has some early bids. You can see them by going to the auction site.

It is not too late to register.

It's always good to study artifacts. You never know when you might find one, either whole or a part of one. I would say there are as many artifacts found on the beaches as cobs, but often the artifacts are not recognized.

As you can see from the auction, they often bring good prices.

I've mentioned the Spanish Navy hunting its shipwrecks using minesweepers. The US Navy also has a small department for hunting its historic shipwrecks. One ship that they have been looking for is the USS Bonhomme Richard, John Paul Jones's famous Revolutionary War frigate.

One group thinks it has found the location of the Bonhomme Richard, but the Navy thinks they are wrong.

Here is the link to read more.


You've probably read about the vessel discovered at Ground Zero. Here is more on the 18th century history of New York harbor.


Digging targets in wet sand can be challenging, especially when the waves keep hitting the hole. The waves can be a help though once you get the target in your scoop. If you know that the target is larger than the holes in your scoop, just dip the scoop into the water holding the front of the scoop up at an angle and let the water wash the sand out of your scoop.

Of course digging in the wet sand can be most challenging when the hole is deep enough that it keeps filling with sand when the water comes in. When you take the sand out, use it to build a little dam around the hole. That will only work when the water is not coming in too hard.

Forecast and Conditions.

The wind is from the southwest, and that typically creates calm seas along the Treasure Coast. The seas are projected to remain calm for several days.

It is still good for water hunting where you are allowed.

I've posted maps of the local leased areas so you can consult them. You can do a search using the blog search box.

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