Thursday, October 28, 2010

10/28 Report - Flat Low Tide Areas & Cold Front Coming

Treasure Coast Beach Near Low Tide Today.

Notice all of that flat low-tide area that is now available for hunting. That area was difficult to get to, let alone detect, when the water was rough. Now, there it is.

That is the type of area that you also want to eye-ball when you detect near the water's edge. I once showed what appears to be a intact wax seal that was found at the edge of the water in an area like this.

One of the biggest finds on a 1715 Fleet site in recent years was the gold bird found by the crew of the Gold Hawg this past summer south of Fort Pierce. I think I posted about that in the past.

It takes a lot of hunting.

Skill is the process of improving the probability of success. You can skillfully improve the probability of success, and that will bear out over the long term, but a lot of luck goes into finding those once-in-a-life-time finds.

It seems that when I find a cob, I almost always find one within the first twenty minutes of hunting. I don't know why that is. Sometimes I think it is because I hit the most promising areas on a beach first, but I can't totally accept that because if I did, I would tend to give up too soon. Sometimes I think it is intuition. But if that were the case, why doesn't my intuition work better more often? The best advice is patience and perseverance. You never know when something will pop-up, but you can improve the probability of success by learning as much as you can about how to hunt more effectively.

As you know silver tarnishes. I'll bet that some people have picked up cobs and artifacts and thrown the blackened lumps away because they didn't realize that they were silver. There are stories about people skipping the black lumps back into the ocean.

Here is a link to an article about a new treatment for silver that conservators are using.

Did you know that silver prices have increased more than gold prices this year on a percentage basis? Some are saying that because of the industrial demand for silver, silver will hold onto recent gains better than gold. Both have dropped back from recent highs a little, due to recent gains in value of the dollar.

Have you noticed that Odyssey Marine stock (symbol OMEX) has increased from its low of below $1.00 back in July to over $2.00 now. That is a very good gain. Who knows which direction it will go now?

Forecast and Conditions.

It was a beautiful morning to be out on the beach. As I showed in the photo above, the tide was out and a lot of low flat beach was exposed. I think I mentioned yesterday or the day before that the southwest wind would do that.

You could see where the sand from recent cuts had piled up in the water at the front of the beach. There is a sand bar now protecting much of the beach.

I did a little detecting in the low tide zone and found a variety of targets down in the flat area. I suspect they were dragged out of the beach above when the beach eroded a few days ago. You'll often find some nice big targets down there, but they can be hard to dig out when they are close to the water.

The surf web sites are saying that the seas will start increasing tomorrow and build to around six feet on Saturday as a cold front comes through.

That will be another chance to see some more erosion if things work out well.

The tropics are actually fairy active. There is one disturbance southeast of Bermuda that is expected to head towards the northeast and there are two others interesting areas out there.

It is that time of year when things should start to happen.

Happy hunting,