Saturday, October 16, 2010

10/16 Report - Jupiter Beach & Miscellaneous

Photo of Jupiter Beach. Submitted by Tom Guidus.

Tom Guidus of Wreckovery Salvage, regularly works the Jupiter wreck, and sent some photos of Jupiter Beach, pointing out the loss of sand and shells at the base of the cliff. He said much of the renourishment sand is gone and some of the old stuff is starting to reappear.

The best time to hit it would be just after the water has hit the cliff and caused some erosion. Cobs as well as old US coins sometimes come out of that cliff when the old dunes erode.

Another View of Jupiter Beach from Tom Guidus.

I always appreciate receiving photos from around the Treasure Coast and Florida, especially from places that I don't get to a lot.

I often get email from people from out of state asking about where you can go to the beach. One thing I can say about most of the Treasure Coast is that there is no shortage of beach accesses. Thank goodness it isn't like some places where you can hardly find a place to see the beach without paying high parking fees.

St. Lucie and the other counties have done a good job of maintaining many fine beach accesses. All you have to do is drive along A1A and watch for a beach access, then pull into the free parking area and take a look at the beach. If you want, you can find either busy beaches with facilities or quiet out of the way places.

One thing you can do when beach conditions are not good, is explore some new beaches.

The SedwickCoins Auction begins October 21. The first lot contains a number of gold cobs from the 1715 Fleet.

You might find it instructive to browse through the shipwreck artifacts.

Here is the link.

I certainly wish I knew more about artifacts years ago. People find a lot of things and don't know what they are. It really helps to be able to recognize artifacts when you see them.

The stock of Odyssey Marine (synbol OMEX) is now up to around $2 per share. That is a nice return from recent lows. They appealed a claim made by Spain to one of the salvaged wrecks on the other side of the Atlantic and are still holding the salvaged coins and artifacts.

As I've mentioned, Spain is making an attempt to find and and claim any sunken ships that might be their's. They are using their navy for the job, and it seems are having very limited success in terms of really identifying shipwrecks.

Forecast and Conditions.

It's that time of year when we often get some cold fronts moving in from the the north. Things should be improving sometime this fall.

Now the seas are calm but will be increasing to near four feet tomorrow, but only for the day. That probably won't be enough to improve things yet.

There is no tropical activity that will affect us soon.

Happy hunting,

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