Saturday, October 30, 2010

10/30 Report - Beaches Neither Trick Nor Treat

Beach at Turtle Trail This Morning.

The entire Treasure Coast looks pretty much the same. You can see the remains of cuts from two previous times - slightly larger cuts towards the dunes and in front of that some smaller cuts made last weekend.

The low tide shows a low flat beach front and in front of that a lot of sand. The low tide zone is worth detecting. I'm surprised by how many coins and things are still out there considering how much these beaches are hunted. I would think those heavily hunted areas would be more cleaned out.

I guess they weren't the easiest targets, though. Most are several inches deep and do not give the clearest signals. They are signals that could easily be missed if you are moving too fast or being a little sloppy.

At Corrigans, and from what I've seen, in many places on the Treasure Coast, there was a layer of sand over a layer of shells. The shell layer was typically down a little over six inches. It seemed like the targets were in the top of the layer of shells.

They weren't the easiest targets to dig either. The sand was packed and the water was coming up and filling the holes.

I recommended searching the low-tide areas the other day, and I would still recommend the same. There are coins and things out there.

British cannons and cannon balls were uncovered on the waterfront in Kingston Jamaica. In a rare statement of common sense, they decided to allow development to continue because all of Jamaica could be made into a historic preservation site, which would leave no place to "live and work."

The remains of a Civil War tugboat, the USS Narcissus that exploded in 1866, was uncovered near Edgmont Key. Previously, little of the wreck was visible, but shifting sands have revealed more of the wreck.


So far the beach conditions do not qualify as either a trick or a treat. It's sort of middling. Conditions aren't terrible, and there actually is some possibility of something good popping up, but conditions aren't great either. I'm sticking with my 2 level Treasure Coast Beach Conditions Rating, which as you probably know by now, is on a five point scale.

For the forecast, the peak seas for this weekend are now expected to be about five feet. That probably won't help much, but if we can get just a little improvement on the beach fronts, there should be continued decent hunting in the low tide zone.

I'm not expecting much of an improvement in conditions, but am hoping there is no further deterioration.

There is one hurricane out there. At least I think it is now a hurricane - Tomas. It looks like Tomas is headed for either Cuba or Central America and so will probably not affect us much.

Have fun,