Thursday, October 21, 2010

10/21 Report - Sedwick Auction Going Live - Gold Cobs Doing Well

Bunch of Mushy Sand on Treasure Coast Beach This Morning.

There were still boats anchored over the Nieves site this morning. Must be something interesting going on there.

The 8th SedwickCoins Auction is now going on. You can watch the auction live even if you do not register to bid by going to iCollector and selecting the Sedwick auction.

Some of the first gold escudos up for auction solf for over $10,000, incuding the following Mexican 1714 8 escudo.

The Sedwick auction will continue today and the next two days. There might still be time to enter your bid for that favorite coin or artifact.

Did you notice in the auction catalog that they are offering a few fossils this time?

You can sometimes find fossils on the beach if you watch for them. I've shown some that have been found on Treasure Coast beaches in this blog in the past.

I stopped at one tourist beach to detect the dry sand for a little while today and found something unusual. I was really surprised that there was so little junk on the beach compared to the number of coins - about a 20/80 split of junk to coins. You really don't see a high number of coins relative to junk items very often in dry sand, especially on the Treasure Coast where a lot of people use discrimination in the dry sand. If it was wet sand I could understand how the sifting of the water would spearate the aluminum junk and heavier coins, but usually on dry sand there will be a lot more junk compared to the number of coins.

If I visit a particular dry sand beach very often, I'll generally remove most of the junk.

Forecast and Conditions.

Tropical Depression 19 has been developing down by Grand Cayman. It looks like it will be going west instead of towards us though. Another distrubance is coming off of Africa. That one is too far away to be concerned about.

The beaches are very poor right now.

There is just too much built up loose sand on the front of the beaches to have much of a chance of finding anything much old there.

Just a reminder - cobs have been found on dry and sites.

Happy hunting,