Wednesday, October 26, 2011

10/26/11 Report - $25,000 Lima 1715 Fleet Escudo & Rina

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1714 Lima 8-Escudos From the 1715 Fleet.

This rare coin sold for over $25,500 in the Sedwick treasure auction yesterday. That is the highest price I remember seeing for a coin in the auction yesterday.

It would be nice to dig up something like that, wouldn't it.

It is possible.

The ocean was rough this morning and the water had been up pretty high - almost to the toe of the dunes in some places. I didn't expect it to be that high.

Most of the beaches that I saw were mushy and not cut at all, like the one shown here.

I did, however find one that was cut. That happens sometimes. One or two beaches will cut when no others do. It is largely a matter of angles.

Typical Treasure Coast Beach This Morning.

The one beach that I found that was cut (see below) had been cut a few days ago, and then cut some more last night.

When I give a beach conditions rating, it is a average rating for the Treasure Coast treasure beaches.

The beach that was cut was cut from 2 to 4 feet for a few hundred yards. There were wash-overs, as you can see in the following photo.

Since the cuts were rare, poorly placed on the beach, and not on any of the places where cobs are frequently found, I am not changing my treasure beach conditions rating from poor yet. That might come in the next few days.

The beach is showing some improvement as it transitions from a summer beach to a winter beach.

Cut Treasure Coast Beach This Morning.

The big news today is Rina. Rina is headed to the Yucatan, then to Cuba and possibly South Florida.

By the time it reaches South Florida it will be no more than a tropical storm. It still might bring us some improved hunting conditions.

There is another tropical disturbance to the east of Rina. Maybe it will help us too.

The prediction is for the sea to decrease for a couple of days and then build up to about seven feet Sunday and Monday. That sounds interesting.

Maybe this winter season will be better than last year. It couldn't be much worse.

Happy hunting,