Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10/18/11 Report - Gorget and Clay Pipes

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Five inch drilled slate gorget with shell necklace.

The cord had disappeared.

This a great find that has been studied by the Smithsonian.

It is a rainy day on the Treasure Coast. Watch for items that have been uncovered by the rain.

The seas are a little rough today, but nothing that would really improve conditions. And tomorrow the sea will become even calmer, lasting for a few days.

Maybe I'll be able to get too a few items that I wasn't able to recover down by the waters edge when the sea calms down a little more.

That low presure area in the Guld that I mentioned yesterday is working its way up over Florida. We might have a few more rainy days.

There is a cold front due in Wednesday night.

The cut that I showed yesterday has partly filled in.

The south wind usually piles more sand on the beach front.

At least a few things got stirred up lately. I think we'll have some more good detecting weather and very possibly improved detecting conditions in the near future.

Right now I would call conditions generally poor.

As I often remind, my conditions rating scale starts with a 1 instead of a zero because their is always a chance that something good will pop up.

Even though conditions are what I would call poor, they are still better than they were before the big waves.

Florida Governor Rick Scott wants to stop funding for college majors such as archaeology that do not create skilled candidates for the most needed jobs.

Here is the link.


A nice collection of clay pipes found on a a river bank near an old US city.

I understand that these were purchased with the tobacco in them.

Clay Pipe Collection.

There is a high correlation between time spent hunting in the field and finds. I often see the guys that are making the finds out there on the beach. Of course, if you've had some luck, it tends to motivate you to hunt more. On the other hand, when you haven't been having much luck, you can get discouraged and not bother hunting as much.

One of those Treasure Coast shipwreck maps is now listed on ebay. I think it might be handy for snow birds who plan to visit the Treasure Coast treasure beaches this winter.

Happy hunting,