Saturday, October 22, 2011

10/22/11 Report - How to Stay in the Detecting Game

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One Treasure Coast Beach Friday.

Here are some cuts I found yesterday. Sometimes there are spots where there is a kind of delayed reaction where coins and things show up several days after the beach really gets stirred up.

And there are always a few beaches that are a little out of phase. They cut when the others are not. The beach is not a straight line. There are curves and bends, and when the angle of the waves is just right, that one beach might cut when most of the others are building.

Dips like that shown below often have nothing but aluminum and other light materials, but occasionally they can hold good targets. It is always worth checking out features like that.

A Nice Dip on a Treasure Coast Beach Friday.

The fact that this dip was below a decent cut makes it especially worth checking.

Do you have treasure dreams?

Last night I did. I was sitting on a bank by an old gas station. We don't have those types of banks down here. The bank was a hill with a retaining wall by the road. Anyhow, I just picked up something when my hand was on the ground when I felt it. That item turned out to be a button off of an old gas station. It was nice and ornate. One thing led to another. I picked up more buttons and a shoe shaped ink bottle.

You probably don't care about my dream. I don't know why I do. It reminded me of some of the other treasure dreams I have. Some are pretty frequent. Like the one when treasure keeps falling out of an excavation on a creek bank. Those kinds of dreams make you want to go out and hunt.

I was wondering how many other people have treasure dreams.

It also made me think about how important the mind is. I'm sure that it is the mind, not the detector, that determines how successful you will be.

Some characteristics are very important in determining success. I think that maybe the most important is optimism. You need that "Today is the day" optimism to keep you going so that you'll stick it out during the dry spells.

Perseverance is very important. But I think that is the result of optimism. If you tend to be pessimistic and get discouraged, there is a good chance you'll give up before being successful.

I think the vast majority of detectorists give up and quit after a while.

Curiosity helps a lot to. It keeps you interested and motivated. Even little finds can be important. They can be clues and tell a story. They can tell you that you are on the right track or that there are other things to be found.

I once got a Chinese fortune cookie that said, "Be cheerful and optimistic." I think that is some of the best advice I ever got. Your attitude will color everything.

So I guess I have two main messages today. First, be cheerful and optimistic. And second, follow your dreams.

I've mentioned Odyssey Marines finding the Gairsoppa, which was sunk by a German submarine when carrying millions of dollars worth of silver. Here is a good link to that story along with some nice underwater photos.

Gold has dropped a few hundred dollars per ounce lately, and silver is way off of its highs too.

The wind is still from the north/northwest. The predictions are holding steady. Seas will be increasing to a peak of 5.5 feet in the Fort Pierce area late Tuesday and then decreasing again.

As I showed, there are still a few cuts and dips to be found. Hopefully the higher seas Tuesday will hit the right spots at the right angles.

Happy hunting,