Friday, October 21, 2011

10/21/11 Report - Lesson Learned

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Gold Band Found by Bernie C.

I don't know how many times I've said to dig all signals on a beach. I've explained why more than once too. I don't repeat it as often as I feel like repeating it. Some people just don't like to dig junk, and others, I think, don't really believe me until they learn for themselves.

Anyhow here is what Bernie had to say.

I dug a pull tab signal and out popped a 18 kt gold wedding band. I learned a lesson today, I won't be passing up pulltabs anymore.

Bernie, John G. and Captain Gary found a bunch of bullets the same day. The photo below shows some of those.

Thanks for the photos Bernie.

Similar objects are often found in bunches. Sometimes its coins, sometimes sinkers, sometimes pulltabs, sometimes iron and sometimes even gold. That is the way it is on a beach. And that is one more reason to dig everything. If you are in pulltab heaven, you might be better off looking for a better spot, but you'll never know its pulltab heaven until you dig a few.

With the sifting and sorting done by the waves, you can hit pockets of similar items. Bernie said several bullets were found in some of the holes.

Of course, sometimes things are dropped or buried together.

And sometimes dissimilar items are found together, but what you want to look for are those pockets of good items or items that usually are found with good items.

It is not a black and white thing where you can say always or never. There are too many factors involved. It is relatively complicated. I realize that some things I say sometimes must sound contradictory, but that is mostly because one thing applies under one situation and something else under another situation. There are too many factors for me to spell all of them out in each of my posts.

Again, what you most want to find are the pockets where good old items are accumulating. That doesn't mean you won't ever find anything in a pile of pull tabs. It can and does happen - but rarely. If I can find an area where heavy old things are accumulating, that is where I'll spend my time. Things do accumuate over time according to density and other characteristics.

I've picked up five Rosey dimes in one scoop. They had collected under a fallen palm tree on the slope of the beach. I don't know if they were originally dropped together or not.

I've seen fifteen rings dug in four hours of detecting. They were found along with a bunch of older coins. A lot of that time was digging, and a lot of that time was spend digging coins.

Similar but different types of items can cluster. I always rememeber one time when a big class ring weighing almost exactly one ounce was dug out of a hole after four or five sinkers of the same weight had been removed from the same hole. If I had used discrimination, I might have passed up the ring because of the signal from the sinkers.

Good targets can hide under less valuable targets. It is better to remove the junk targets.

On dry land you can tell a lot about the age of finds by how deep it is. There are levels that remain pretty much unchanged over time. Old layers will generally be under newer layers and objects unless the area was disturbed by man, or running water, such as a creek, flood, or whatever.

Beaches are so transitory that the layers are all mixed up and intermingled. You can frequently find new layers on top of old layers. Near the water, the sand and objects are constantly washed in or out.

And things aren't found in context. Things can travel miles, especially over long periods of times - especially small and light objects.

Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Forecast and Conditions.

There are still a few cuts out there. They aren't fresh, and some have been partially refilled, but you can still find some.

You can also find a few dips to explore.

The wind is out of the north/northwest. Five and 5.5 foot swells are predicted for Monday and Tuesday. That could help, especially because the predictions are showing north winds a lot. That could be good if it actually happens.

Some of the areas that cut in the past few weeks might get cut again.

Happy hunting,