Thursday, October 27, 2011

10/27/11 Report - Big Bucks for Gold Shipwreck Artifacts.

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Sold for $190,000.

This 1832 Serro Frio gold ingot with its original guia sold for nearly $200,000 in the Sedwick Coins treasure auction that was concluded Wednesday.

That would make one nice find, wouldn't it?

I'm showing some of the big glitzy stuff today even though I think it is just as important to learn about the miscellaneous things that you could actually dig up and throw away. They have value too, and are a lot of fun to research.

Here is a gold and emerald cross that was originally found on the beach in the same area as the famous "dragon whistle" between Sebastian and Wabasso in 1984 after the Thanksgiving Day storm.

The photo comes from the recently concluded Sedwick Coins auction.

Sold for $37,500 Plus Premium.

With the premium, the total was $43,125.

The Thanksgiving Day storm of 1984 is legendary as far as treasure hunting on the Treasure Coast goes. Many big finds were made. Swells were up to 20 feet, and there was a lot of erosion caused by four days of high wind and waves.

It is not uncommon for us to get a good storm in October or November, or sometimes December to junp-start the winter beach detecting season.

Treasure Coast Beach Forecast and Conditions.

The most recent predictions say that the next two days will be relatively calm, with 2 or 3 foot seas, and then beginning to build on Saturday, reaching 6.5 feet or more on Sunday. After that the next few days we're predicted to have seas in the area of nearly six feet for a few days.

The prolonged period of five foot or more seas sounds good to me. When you get higher seas for a number of days, you have a good chance of getting some good erosion on one or two of those days when the wind shifts to hit the beaches from the right angle.

It seems Rina is lingering down around the Yucatan. Another low pressure area is just to the east of Rina.

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