Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10/25/11 Report - Haunting New Places to Hunt

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Looking for a new place to detect? Considering the time of year, maybe you're thinking a ghost town or some haunted place? You can find a lot of good treasure hunting leads by searching the internet for haunted places and ghost towns.

Stories of hauntings usually are places with a dramatic history - often violent. While you might sometimes find that the stories are not entirely accurate, there will often be some basis in fact.

You will find stories about buildings or towns that no longer exist. Sometimes those stories will tell about massacres by Indians, pirates or crazed killers or bank robbers. Those stories can provide perfectly good leads even when the stories are not 100% accurate.

Here is one place to start. I bet you'll learn something about Florida history that you didn't know when you read this.


And here is a list of Florida ghost towns with their GPS coordinates.

I'll bet you'll see some that you didn't know about.


You probably knew about Eden and Oslo, but do you know about Picture City or Dymond City?

Do you know the legend of Oak Hammock? It was the subject of a TV program and is a local place surrounded by stories of crime and hauntings.

You might want to look into some of those.

There are many creative ways to find new detecting sites these days.

I've mentioned using Google Earth to discover clues and detecting sites. Here is a good article describing how archaeologists have made discoveries by using Google Earth.


You can find a lot of interesting new places to detect if you use the resources that are now available on the internet.

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Treasure Coast Beach Forecast and Conditions.

Rating beach detecting conditions takes a lot of different factors into account. It is not simply a matter of if there are any cuts or not. It also involves the location of the cuts, layers that are on the beach and layers that have been exposed, and other things.

Today the seas are running about 4.5 feet. That is just a little less than predicted earlier. But perhaps the most important news is what is coming Sunday.

The surf web sites are predicting 7.5 foot seas again, and with north/northwest winds and swells. The direction is very important in my opinion.

After today, the seas will be decreasing a little for a few days and then increasing again next weekend.

It is good to see some nice high seas again.

We actually have a hurricane - Rina down below Cuba. And another low pressure area just off of South America that might also develop.

It looks like next week could be interesting. I certainly hope so.

Happy Hunting,