Thursday, October 20, 2011

10/20/11 Report - Rainy Days, Junky Truck & Signal Finds

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Cast Iron Toy Truck.

There are all kinds of things you can find. Different people hunt and like different things.

I showed this truck to a guy that has found 6000-year-old Folsom points and some very important finds, and he said this truck was a real find. I was surprised. It is funny what some people like.

If you generally watch prices on collectibles, you'll notice that a lot of items from the 50s and 60s are worth more than a lot of items that are much much older. People like vintage items because they relate to them. There is the nostalgia factor. They might remember playing with toys like that truck when they were young.

I like the truck - not because it is valuable. It isn't. But I like it anyway. The area it came from is an area that has a personal connection in my family history. And the truck is similar to the old truck that my mother and father rode around in when they were expecting me.

Cast iron toys are very collectible. This one is in very poor condition, as you can see, but there is a reason that I decided to show it. It was eye-balled after a rain. And it was found in an area that I decided to look at more closely because of the glass and ceramics that were uncovered by the rain.

I often mention that you should keep your eyes open when you detect. Pay attention to any clues.

Glass and ceramics tend to stay on top of the ground for decades or longer. When you see ceramics littering an area, take a look and see if you can get any clues about their age. If the ceramics are older, look for other items of the same age in the same area. And detect the area thoroughly.

That is how I found the truck. I saw broken glass, including mason jars and other things that were recently uncovered, and eye-balled the truck, which had also been uncovered by the rain. After detecting, 19th century coins were also found in the area.

You might not be interested in old junky trucks like this one, but I mention it primarily to remind you to keep your eyes open for signal finds, especially after it rains.

The first extensive archaeological survey of the Scuppernong River and Bulls Bay near Columbia has been completed, and a number of of new shipwrecks were discovered.

One of the wrecks surveyed was the Estelle Randall, a passenger steamer that sank near Columbia in 1910.

Here is the link for more of the story.

Here is a link to the catalog for the upcoming Sedwick Coins treasure auction. I find this catalog very easy to browse.

If you aren't interested in buying, the catalog is still good for research purposes.

Bathtub Beach reopens today, complete with piles of new sand.

Treasure Coast Beach Conditions and Forecast.

The wind is from the west today. Seas are down around two feet, and will remain around that level for a few days.

Next week the seas will be increasing. The surf web sites are predicting swells up to 5.5 feet on next Tuesday. That isn't bad, and could improve beach conditions, depending upon other factors.

It has been rainy the past couple of days, so keep your eyes open for clues like I mentioned above.

There are a couple of low pressure areas still out there. One is down in the Gulf, pretty much like the one of a few days ago, and there is also one out in the Atlantic. They might create enough weather to do us some good in the next week or two.

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