Friday, October 28, 2011

10/29/11 Report - Forecast Looking Promising

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Bronze Anchor Chain Links.

These two big links are bronze. They are from a ship that sank in 1800, and sold for $180 in the Sedwick Coins auction.

Yesterday I showed some other items that a detectorist might find and easily pass up. Who would think that two chain links could be worth that much? They could easily be mistaken for modern junk, but have value.

One of this blog's readers was hunting a vacant lot and almost ran into a rattler. I thought it might be a good idea to remind you all that we do have poisonous snakes on the Treasure Coast, so be cautious. Watch for rattlers and coral snakes. I've seen more of the brightly colored coral snakes, but hear of ratters often enough. The rain water sometimes chases them into new areas.

A 122 year old 2 ton copper church bell was stolen, but found by detectives before it was melted.

Here is the link to the story.

Here is a treat for you today. It is a history of Sebastian as compiled by George Keyes.

There are a lot of interesting facts in that history and a lot of good leads. It mentions everything from the Ais to the first Spanish visits, to steamboats, Civil War blockaders, railroads, ferries, the Ashely gang, etc.

Nice job George.

Treasure Coast Beach Forecast and Conditions

This is looking pretty good.

Sunday the seas will build to six feet and more and remain for a few days. And, the wind will be out of the north/northeast much of the time.

All of that is good. Not only will we have high seas, but the wind will be right, at least some of the time, and it will last for a while.

Having more than one day of high seas gives a good chance of something happening, and it could happen long enough to get really good, if the other factors are right.

I'm expecting to be able to increase my Treasure Coast Treasure Beach Detecting Conditions Rating up to a 3 or so. I won't do it until it actually happens, if indeed it does.

The north part of the Treasure Coast, as usual, will be a few hours behind the southern part. The storm is coming from the south, as is often the case.

The most important thing in forecasting beach conditions is not so much a highly accurate weather forecasts, but it depends upon how things come together. For example, it really doesn't matter much if the seas are going to be six or eight feet. A lot of things have to happen together.

And detecting conditions are not determined simply by how much sand is lost. The sequence of events is important, and the composition of the layers that are exposed is also important. And the position of any cuts.

Halloween might bring some treats this year.

Happy Hunting.