Sunday, March 11, 2012

3/11/12 Report - Spring Ahead & Mystery Objects

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Did you remember to turn your clock ahead? It is hard for me to believe we are already well into the third month of the year.

Button For ID.

This item was found with other items such as the St. Ignatius religious medallion that I posted two days ago and other items such as musket balls.

There is a lot of very good information clearly visible on this one.

By the way, someone mentioned that the religious medallion reminded him of St. Patrick who is often depicted killing snakes. Good point.

The wind is from the east again. Too bad! Later tomorrow the seas should be peaking at above seven feet and then decreasing a bit by Monday.

Although the high tides have been fairly high, I'm not expecting much erosion, and i am not expecting an increase in my beach detecting conditions rating. It looks like the wind will continue out of the east.

There may be a few spots were there will be some sand loss. That would be where there are local obstructions and erosion earlier in 2012.

Here is another item for ID. Unfortunately we don't have a lot to go on other than this photo which was submitted by one reader.

The object appears to be about two fingers in diameter. I asked about the material, and was told they thought it was lead. The whitish crust on the bottom left of the object in the photo seems consistent with that. If you look at the upper right of the object, it appears to be maybe a quarter inch deep with a flat edge.

That is all I can offer on this one at this point.

The three letters (OMD) immediately make me think of something, but I won't say what yet because I don't want to affect your responses.

On eBay, there is now listed a 1 reale that was minted in Seville that it is said could possibly be from the Atocha. I don't know how many Spanish coins minted in Spain have been found on Florida galleon wrecks, but as far as I know they are very few.

I would not doubt that the Atocha reference was thrown in to make the coin more interesting to potential buyers. My observation is that coins from famous shipwrecks like the Atocha generally bring better prices than coins minted in Spain. The coins from mints in Spain are often not as interesting to collectors as the New World coins.

I remember someone once asking what coins minted in Spain have been found on 1715 Fleet wrecks. This coin might be of interest to anyone seeking that answer, although this coin is not said to be definitely from the Atocha.

If you are interested, I'm sure you can find the coin on eBay.

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