Wednesday, March 7, 2012

3/7/12 Report - Beach Conditions Upgrade, 868 Pulled & TV

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Wabasso This Morning.

A few surfers were trying to surf here this morning. Despite the waves and the steep cliff that you see at the back of the beach from earlier times, it didn't look very promising here.

To the south, both north and south of the Seagrape access there were some scallops, but nothing very interesting.

Seagrape Trail Looking North This Morning.

I saw one other dectectorist here this morning, but it didn't seem that there were many out this morning. Probably partly because of the timing of the tides.

You can see some of the scallops. You can also see that despite the seven foot seas, the water didn't get real high on the beach.

There is just too much of that beach renourishment sand in front of the beach. That stuff will have to move before these areas become very productive.

The beach at Turtle Trail wasn't much different from that at Seagrape Trail, although to me, it looked a touch better around Seagrape Trail.

Turtle Trail Looking North This Morning.

So you're probably wondering why the conditions upgrade.

There were some spots that were eroded on South Hutchinson Island.

I found three to five foot cuts down there on a couple of beaches.

Here is one of those.

Nice Four Foot Cut.

Besides the sand in front of the beaches, another problem was that the swells were hitting the beaches directly from the east. In fact this cut was being washed out more from the south.

The sand in front of this cut was fairly firm. There were stil very few targets despite the nice looking cut.

I've recently explained why I think that is.

My beach conditions upgrade today is from a 1 to a 2. As you probably know by now, my rating scale is a five point scale with one being poor and five, excellent.

Your voice has been heard. SR 868 was pulled. And it was pulled because of all of your calls and letters. It is important to be informed and active.

Two communities that worked together on this effort are the salvers and beach hunters. I hope that relationship is not just a one time act of desperation. That relationship hasn't always been great.

I caught parts of two different treasure hunting TV programs on the National Geographic channel yesterday evening.

The first was Diggers. I just saw the end. They were detecting on private property at a 17th Century mansion in Savannah Georgia, where evidently Civil War and Revolutionary War battles were fought.

They were digging up artifacts all over the place, but what surprised me is the condition of those artifacts. They looked like they were near mint. That made me a bit suspicious.

They showed digging the items and then went immediately to finding out the values. I guess the producers thought that is what people would want to see. I would have liked to learned more about the history of the sites and the artifacts. I might have missed some of the history of the site at the beginning of the program.

It sure made it look like anyone could get a detector and go out and find wonderful old artifacts left and right without any trouble at all.

The second program I saw was a psychic, remote reader and dowser trying to find an old buried Spanish Treasure. They were unsuccessful. That program didn't end how you might expect.

The seas are predicted to remain about the same through tomorrow and then decrease a little.

I'm not expecting much improvement from today if any.

I have some finds to show and a lot of other things that I don't have time for today.

Happy hunting,