Friday, March 23, 2012

3/23/12 Report - Sunken Cities, Artifacts in the Basement & the Lighter Side

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Need a Light.

Like I was saying the other day. You can find all kinds of things on Florida beaches.

Lighters used to be common beach finds. Not so much anymore.

There was once a good market for vintage and antique smoking related items. But that market, like many others, is not what it used to be.

It seems the older looking copper color lighter was owned by "Oliver." At least that is the name inscribed on it. I think you might be able to see that in the photo.

Did you guess which of the coins that I showed yesterday will be missed by an Excalibur when using a discrimination setting of 1? I'll give you the answer below.

Sunken cities? Seme say there are over 200 in the Mediterranean alone.

Here is a nice video about that.

A million year old artifact sent to a Montana school from Kenya By Luis Leaky was recently discovered in the schools basement.

Is that what happens to artifacts?

Here is the link.

Glad they found it anyhow. But now the secret is out, I wouldn't be surprised if they heard from Kenya asking them to send the artifact back.

And they'll have one heck of a time figuring out what the context of the artifact was. Don't they always say it's not the artifact, but the context that is important?

Too bad the academic communities aren't consistent with their arguments and actions.

I saw a Ghost Hunters International TV program the other day that was shot in Peru around Mayan sites. One of the Peruvians said the archaeologists working there were seeing apparitions and were afraid to work there. I thought that seemed funny. Aren't these academics trained to adopt a materialistic world view? Don't they believe in the Big Bang Theory and evolution? Come on guys! Do you believe in spirits or not? Make up your mind.

Treasure Coast Beach Yesterday Morning.

As you can see, there is a lot of sand and seaweed out there. Hunting conditions are poor even though the weather is absolutely beautiful.

I tried to miss most of the junk that I was talking about yesterday, but you can see one big piece in this photo.

The seas are decreasing daily, reaching a low about Sunday and then increasing again.

The coin that will be missed by an Excalibur with the discrimination set to 1, is the German 1 pfennig coin.

I am certain that many other detectors would miss it too.

Tomorrow I'll show two videos using the Excalibur on those coins. One video will be with the discrimination set at 1, the other will use the Excalibur with a discrimination setting of 7.

Guess what coin drops out when the discrimination is increased to 10.

Happy hunting,