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3/1/12 Report - Helmet Dredged Up By Commercial Dredger, Whatzit & More

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2600 Year Old Bronze Greek Helmet Brought Up by Commercial Dredging In Harbor.

Here is a link to the article about that.

If it was dug up by a detectorist would it have been a crime?

Take a look at how the Anglo-Saxon Hoard was handled when it was discovered by a detectorist in England. It provides a good example of how to handle these things and provides some good lessons.

The Hoard was the second most popular touring exhibition ever at the National Geographic Museum in Washington DC. More than 1,000 visitors paid eight dollars each to the Anglo-Saxon treasure. Again, it was discovered by a detectorist who was fairly compensated.

Here is a link to an article about that.

People often ask me if you can find treasure in dredged sand. The helmet shown above is one example from Israel. If an entire helmet can be dredged up, certainly other smaller items can too.

I do know of cobs that were found in freshly pumped beach renourishment sand in the past.

As I've told people that have asked about that, you'll need patience looking through dredged sand because you'll generally find a lot of mangled aluminum and rusty iron.

I asked a question the other day that got overshadowed by the recent legislative uproar. I asked detectorists to send in stories of how people responded when a lost item was returned to them. I'm sure there are many good stories about that out there and I would like to post a few.

I've received offers of a few bucks, drinks and dinner. Sometimes though, people respond with a puzzling indifference, or even hostility.

Anyhow, please send in your best story about what someone did when you returned a lost item.

I've found keys that shut down a hole business for a day until they were located.

The world needs to know about that side of detecting to. All they hear about is grave robbers and looters, which, of course, has nothing to do with metal detecting. Metal detectors are sometimes used by criminals (as are shovels), but also sometimes by law enforcement. The crime is not metal detecting.

Mystery Object Found With Metal Detector.

I've posted this one before, but don't feel like I have it solved. It is about three inches across. There are similar ones that are smaller, but nearly the same shape with the same pattern of holes.

It was found where battles took place in the last half of the 19th Century and early part of the 20th Century, along with musket balls and musket parts. I assume it is from the same time period but could be earlier or later.

Someone thought it might be a gorget and that certainly is possible, but I'm not convinced yet. I'm still hoping someone might come up with the answer.

Let me know what you think.

I've been deluged by email concerning the proposed SB868. Please forgive me, but I can't personally respond to all of the communications that I've received the past two days.

There is a lot to digest, and I'll continue to comment on the legislative issue from time to time.

The detecting community certainly did mobilize and make it's voice heard. Citizens need to do that occasionally if for no other reason than to remind law makers that they are out there and have concerns.

There is one thing on the SB868 issue that I should address today. They claim that the reason for the whole problem is that an early draft of the bill mistakenly included the words "all lands." That typo, or whatever it was, has been removed from the bill, and they say that the new bill provides for only a very small extension to the land being protected.

As some have said, it is good that attention was brought to the error before it passed into law. Hmmmmmm.

Don't let down your vigilance. You never know when you might find an error. And as we've learned in the past year or so, even some of our Federal representatives don't read the bills they vote on.

I'll get back to some of this in the future. There were some other thingc in the response that I read that are red flags to me.

For today, I'm about out of time.

Don't miss this though!

Seas are decreasing through Saturday. Sunday they'll start increasing again, reaching up to seven feet or more by Wednesday if the surf web sites are correct.

That is getting high enough to give a good chance of significant improvement in beach conditions.

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