Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3/20/12 Report - Royal Die & More

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Die for 1726 Royal.

As you probably know, the 11th Sedwick Coin auction is now online and bidding has begun.

One of the most interesting things to me is this die.

It is an original die for the pillars side of a 1725 Potosi 8 reales Royal.

You don't see these very often. This one seems to be in very good condition and was used to create Royals, and therefore is an exceptional example.

Imagine how a die like this was used and how it would have become dull or damaged over time, and then possibly repaired or sharpened.

Some cobs seem to show evidence of being made from repaired or resharpened dies. The 1/2 reale that I've shown from Jupiter Beach definitely seems to me to be from a repaired die.

I'm still looking for another example with a similar crown.

Cobs are so unique. That is one reason that I like them. There are so many varieties.

If you want a better look or want to know more about the die shown above, here is the link.


Skeletons of archers from the 16th Century wreck of the Mary Rose are being studied by sports scientists to discover the effect of archery on human bones.

You hear so much about grave robbers these days, is it just me or in the light of all of that, does it seem that this use of human remains is less than respectful. I mean we're not talking about the cure of some disease that threatens the existence of human kind. Certainly if these skeletal remains were those of Native Americans, they would be treated differently.

The archaeological and scientific communities throw out so much inconsistent hyperbole that they totally discredit themselves.

Anyhow, if you want to read the story, here is the link.


And here is a story about an archaeologist doing a dig in her own backyard. Good idea.


Too bad that a Ph. D. anthropologist can't tell the difference between pig bones an human bones, but they do seem to have great imaginations.

Now that archaeology is concerned with anything over five minutes old, do you know of any ground that might not qualify as an archaeological site?

Why do I like to watch the meteorite guys on TV? Have you seen the show? A couple fellows walk around fields looking for meteorites. It certainly doesn't sound exciting. It doesn't look exciting either. But I like watching them.

Sometimes they just use a magnet on a stick and sometimes they use metal detectors. It seems I can watch almost anyone metal detecting - but a magnet on a stick?!

I think part of it is that I wouldn't recognize a meteorite in the field if I stepped on one. I've never found one myself - that I know of.

I like to watch people metal detecting no matter what they are or aren't finding. And I like to watch people discovering things. And I like to learn things myself - even if it isn't anything more than how to recognize a meteorite. I guess it is just the basic human drive to discover and learn.

Beach conditions on the Treasure Coast aren't very good and haven't been changing much. The wind is out of the east/southeast. Seas are running around four or five feet.

After Wednesday the seas will begin to decrease a little, getting down to around one or two feet by the weekend.

It looks like water hunting season is upon us.

Happhy hunting,