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3/26/12 Report - Silver Finds & More

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Piece of Ornate Silver Found At Treasure Coast Shipwreck Beach.

This was obviously used on some object as ornamentation. I think it looks like it might have been on a gun, but I don't have any good evidence of that. I do think it is off of something utilitarian. It appears shaped to fit around working parts. But I don't know.

It reminds me of my first shipwreck silver find on the Treasure Coast. At first I thought that first find was a very worn coin - what they used to call a razor, but now I really don't think it was a coin.

It was rectangular and about the size of a four reale, but had no detail left on the surface at all. I think it was a part of some artifact, but there isn't enough detail remaining to give any clues.

One of the problems with beach detecting is the effect of salt water, especially on metals like silver. Older items are usually not in good shape, but there are some rare exceptions.

1923 Beach Found Coin.

This coin, for example, is in unusually nice condition for being found on a salt water beach.

Silver coins like this are more often black and/or encrusted.

One nice half reale that I found at Jupiter Beach a few years ago had one side that was heavily encrusted with sand. When the sand was removed I found the side that was protected by the crust to be very sharp - almost like it had just been struck.

The side that wasn't encrusted was not nearly as nice.

Silver Dime Found in Cold Fresh Water Lake.

I've mentioned this before, but I very often like silver coins that are found in fresh water lakes, especially in cold water. When I hunted one lake in Minnesota, the coins, like the one shown here, all had a nice blue patina and little or no corrosion.

The remains of the historic Ironworks and Shipbuilding Company were recently uncovered.

Here is the link to that story.

Some people don't always like how I sometimes use the word "story." It seems that to them it implies fiction. I don't always mean it that way.

I was looking for shipwrecks near the island of St. Lucia the other day and ran across this list of shipwrecks. You might find it useful or interesting.

A fishing boat that washed out to seas when a tsunami hit Japan over a year ago has been discovered floating off of British Columbia.

Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Conditions.

Well the wind is from the north again. Another front passe through and we got some cooler air this morning.

The seas are calm, though. The swells will be increasing to a peak of around five feet by tomorrow morning. Unfortunately by that time the wind will have shifted and will be coming out of the east.

These fronts passing through quickly and not doing much. We need a long sustained northeaster and we haven't had one for a long time.

I don't really want a hurricane, just a nice northeaster that sits of the coast and blows for a while.

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