Thursday, March 15, 2012

3/15/12 Report - Sedwick Auction 11 Now Online & Fisher Not Affected By Odyssey Decision

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From Secwick Coins Auction.

The 11th Sedwick Coins Auction is now online. I looked through all of the lots yesterday. Being especially interested in artifacts I first looked at those even though they will be sold in the last session of the auction. I then looked at the gold bars and ingots, and then any half reales I could find, and then the gold coins, which will be sold in the first session of the auction.

There is a lot to look at.

Here is the link.

I received an email from the Mel Fisher organization stating that the Odyssey Marine case in which the treasure of the Nuestra Senora da La Mercedes was awarded to Spain would not affect the Fisher's ownership of the Margarita or Atocha. Furthermore, their newer projects are focused on merchant vessels which are not subject to the Sovereign Immunity issues that plagued Odyssey.

Individual detectorists everywhere stood up along with the big treasure salvers such as the Fishers against the threat of SR 868. It is my hope that the treasure salvers will support the individual detectorists the same way when that is needed.

The Spanish taught silversmithing to Native Americans. You can sometimes see the influence in Native American work.

Here is a link to an article that tells about that.

There are now so many laws that you are probably violating one right now! Did you know that it is illegal in many states to collect rainwater on your property because it belongs to "everybody." "Everybody" really means big government.

Here is the source article.

Ok, so next thing is that you won't be able to drink rainwater, bathe in it, or put it in a dish for your pet to drink. Or is that already illegal? Maybe someplace! Where are we going with this?

I saw a list of 19 laws that you wouldn't believe, including this one, but lost track of that article.

Dredging has begun on the St. Lucie inlet.

The high tides aren't as high as they were a few days ago. We're having something around four foot swells decreasing just a little until around Sunday when the seas will begin to increase a little again.

The wind is calm and looks like it will be from the east for a few days.

Overall, no real changes expected. You might want to sort through the junk in the low tide area. Like I said yesterday, there are miscellaneous targets there.

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