Tuesday, March 6, 2012

3/6/12 Report - Metal Detecting Robot, Safe Holes, & Increasing Seas

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Metal Detecting Robot.

That image is from the following YouTube video.

This is hilarious. You won't want to miss it.


I can't help but laugh when I watch that.

If you put a blade on it instead of a coil, it could cut the weeds.

Here is another, but not as funny.


I would redesign both of those.

Michael K. said there is now an ordinance (1545) that bans digging of "unsafe" holes on Cocoa beach. It isn't aimed at detectorists but could be if you did dig what is considered to be an unsafe hole.

As I pointed out yesterday, the big holes on the beach are usually dug by children or youth that spend their day playing games. Fill your holes anyhow.

One thing I always thought was more dangerous than holes is those fishing lines with hooks attached that get partially buried in the sand or tied up in sea weed. I once got a hook from a fishing lure stuck in my foot. Instead of banning fishing though, or fining people for leaving fishing hooks on the beach, I'd say just wear footwear and be careful.

Detectorists pick up thousands of fishing hooks and lead sinkers. I know I've picked up hundreds of each.

If I didn't know better (let's say I'm an archaeologists that discovers all of these sinkers on the beach and in the water sometime in the distant future) there are so many I might think they were thrown at the fish to knock them out or give them lead poisoning.

Talking about trash, it looks like they dredged up a lot of trash at Fort Pierce. I have some photos and video of that, but didn't upload it. Just take a look at the garbage piled up near the water line near the jetty. Disgusting.

Bathtub Beach has reopened once again.

I've mentioned the Florida Public Archaeology Network (FPAN) a few times lately. The FPAN site for the Treasure Coast is in the East Central FPAN region. And the contacts for that region are located in Cocoa where they maintain a nice Florida History library.

Here is a link to a web site that will tell you more about that.


You might want to volunteer to work with FPAN or support the Florida Historical Society. It might help them learn the difference between a grave robber or looter and a detectorist who shares their interests in history and archaeology.

Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Conditions.

Conditions are poor right now, but the seas will be increasing through the day, reaching up to seven feet or more Wednesday and Thursday. That could do quite a bit to improve conditions.

I'll have more on how that actually turns out tomorrow.

Happy hunting,