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9/10/12 Report - Alvaro Mexia, Florida History Resources & More

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Very Recent Find.

Submitted by Bernie C.

This spike was found by some newly exposed rocks and required a lot of hard work to get it out.

I've talked about how things get trapped by rocks. Rocks, like other obstructions, also affect the flow of sand. Obstructions can result in sand loss when the wind is coming from a direction that will build the beaches elsewhere. To learn more about how that works, watch how the sand moves around jetties and other major obstructions like that.

Alvaro Mexia was sent to Florida in 1605 to explore the land and peoples south of St. Augustine. Among other things, he created a map of the land of the Ais and wrote an account of his journey for the king. His mission resulted in Capitan Grande (Ais Chief)making a deal to safely return shipwrecked Spaniards. A copy of his report would be a valuable resource.

Speaking of valuable resources, here is a link to the Indian River Journal.

If you didn't know about that, it is well worth the price of admission to this blog. Actually not, since the price of admission to this blog is 0.

Did you know that 15th and 16th Century Spanish artifacts have been found as far north as Western Colorado not far from Grand Junction. I don't know if you've ever been there, but that is the area with those big buttes and dinosaur bones.

As you realize, I often take pictures of the beach. I carry a video camera. A recording device can come in handy in many ways.

Besides assisting your memory, if there is an auto accident or some issue comes up, you can capture a good record of what actually happened.

One time I parked next to (not in) a handicapped parking space at a beach parking lot when no one else was there. A security guard who evidently got out of the wrong side of the bed and wanted to make trouble wanted to make me move my car farther away from the handicapped parking space. The sand covered the lot so you couldn't actually see the lines dividing the spaces. I did what he asked with no flak, as that is my general policy, but I also took a video showing where my car was parked before being moved so if the issue went any further I had the evidence. While taking the video of my car, the camera accidentally also caught part of the conversation. That was that. I'm just saying that with all the rules and regulations, as well as crime and other things these days, having the hard evidence that you are in the right is not a bad thing.

Many cameras are not able to take closeups. If you don't have a camera that can make clear images of small objects, move the object far enough away from the camera so that you can get a clear image. It is better to have a distant but well focused image than a large poorly focused image.

Although I often use less than excellent photos in this blog, I need clear photos to ID objects. It is hard enough to ID an object from a photo to begin with, even if the image is clear. So if you submit a photo of an object for ID, please make sure it is clear or else I can not post it.

For some purposes I can use less than excellent photos. I often post blurry photos myself, especially when I really want to show something but didn't have one of my better cameras with me at the time.

Treasure Coast Beach Forecast and Conditions.

The wind is back to coming from the north again. Seas are down to around four feet today, but predicted to be back up around 7.5 feet Sunday. The high tides are also pretty high.

I'm not increasing my beach conditions rating yet, but that might happen Sunday or Monday.

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