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3/3/12 Report - Big Gun, Tumbling Coins & Amendments to Bill

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Browning Machine Gun.

If you remember the WWII Browning Machine Gun Shell metal detector find that I showed a week or two ago, this is a Browning. You can buy it for right around $10,000 in a local gun store in Martin County. Pretty neat. Maybe I'll get one for squirrel hunting. Not!

I also saw some locally found cobs that were being sold in local stores. Maybe I'll post a few photos of those in the near future.

A lot of people tumble their dug modern coins to clean them. I was on TV that these guys actually made a business of cleaning coins using a cement mixer to tumble large batches or coins. Some of the coins they clean come from wishing wells.

Below is a picture of a batch of coins being dumped into a cement mixer for cleaning.

Coins Being Dumped Into Cement Mixer.

These weren't in that bad of shape to begin with. I've been finding a lot of caked pennies lately that are in really bad shape.

If you tumble modern coins make sure you don't have anything good in with them that might be damaged as a result.

Some of the badly discolored coins but not heavily caked coins can be exchanged for new coins in vending machines. Just put in the discolored coin and press the return button and you'll get a nice new shiny coin.

I once asked a guy that had some vending machines, and he said he didn't care if I exchanged my coins in his machines.

Vending machines won't accept coins that are badly worn around the edge.

I used to find a lot of Canadian coins and US silver coins in the return slot when they had the coin baskets on the turnpike. The machines wouldn't accept the Canadian coins or silver coins and people would often leave them in the return so when driving through after dumping my coins into the machine I would always check the change slot.

Gold is about $1712, nearly $200 off of this years high, and silver around $34 or $35 per troy ounce.

As a result of recent threats to the metal detecting and treasure hunting communities via SB 868, some good has resulted. One is that the public has become more aware. WFTV did an interview on the subject with some of our Treasure Coast fellows.

Here is that link.

Thanks to Mitch K., for the submission. He was one of the fellows interviewed.

As he mentioned, they edited out a lot of what he said.

But the big news is that the Florida legislature opened the Bill up for amendments. That would have never happened without all of you making your opinions known.

To sum it up, amendments were offered that would make for a more fair and sensible law. The revised version with the suggested amendments was submitted and will be reviewed next week. The State can then either veto it or make the revisions.

Personnel from the Mel Fisher organization, SEAREX Inc., The Historic Shipwreck Salvage Policy Council of Florida, and others all played key rolls in this, but I doubt this would have happened without the letters, phone calls and support of everyone of you.

This shows you can make a difference when you are informed and active.

Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Forecast and Conditions.

The wind is from the south so we're getting that hot muggy air. I'd like a little more winter actually. The swells are form the east and the seas calm. Beach conditions rate only a 1 (poor).

However Sunday and Monday the seas will increase a little, but what I'm really interested in is the increase in seas that is predicted for this coming Wednesday - 7 feet or more. That is getting near levels that might actually do us some good, depending upon wind direction etc. At least it is something that could do us some good.

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