Friday, August 10, 2012

8/10/12 Report - Another Lead Seal Found & More Weather to Watch.

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Find and Photo by William M.
Here is what appears to be another lead seal found by William M.  Another very nice find.  If anyone recognizes the mark, let me know. 

We might be able to see more of the mark if William does a little more cleaning.

Where is the last place you would find a 1909 Lincoln penny.  If you said Mars, that might be a good guess, but it would be wrong.

Curiosity, the rover that was landed on Mars, had a 1909 penny attached for calibrating the camera.

Below is the picture of the penny that went to  Mars.

Thanks to James F. for that link.

A propeller from a WW II US plane was found in a glacier in Switzerland.  \

Here is the link to that article.

Photo From NASA
We have tropical depression number 7 now. Ernesto has gone its way, and at present it looks like this new one will follow the same path followed by Ernesto.

There is also another one coming off of Africa that already has a 30% chance of forming into a cyclone. Of course, it is too far away to tell any more about it.

The wind is from the southeast and the seas are calm.   We'll have to watch those storms.

Low tide Saturday morning will be around 8:45.

I was finding a lot of encrusted coins this morning.  Maybe more on that tomorrow or some other time.

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