Friday, August 31, 2012

8/31/12 Report - Recent Treasure Coast Metal Detector Finds - Old Buttons

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There were some nice finds on the Treasure Coast this past week.   I've received photos of a few.

Front of Button Found by William M.

Back of Button Found by William M.

A couple of nice old buttons were found on the Treasure Coast this week.  The photos above show William's button.
William also found a fossil sharks tooth, piece of a mastodon tusk, and horse tooth.

The photo below shows a similar period button found by another detectorist.

Another Nice Button Find.

Isaac also cut the beaches down at Jupiter and some nice shipwreck finds were recovered.  

Below is a photo of the cut at Jupiter, which was sent in by Tom Guidus of Wreckovery Salvage.

Tom found a cob and two small lead balls, which to me looked like they could have been the small balls loaded into a musket with a larger ball, the combination being called "buck and ball."

If you want to learn more about buck and ball, here is a link.

Cut at Jupiter.  Photo by Tom Guidus.
Thanks to those who sent in photos and reports.  It makes my job much easier.

Sorry I can't post every photo that I receive because of a variety of factors.  I appreciate receiving them all.  Even when I can't post a photo or report, it still helps me to get a more complete picture of what is going on, and that helps me to create a better blog.

There is a hurricane (Kirk) and a tropical storm in the Atlantic.  Both seem to be headed away from us.

We have very calm seas now.  I'm downgrading my beach conditions rating to a 1 again.

Early next week the seas are predicted to increase again, maybe up to five or six feet later in the week.

Keep watching.

Happy hunting,