Wednesday, August 29, 2012

8/29/12 Report - Improved Conditions Short Lived

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I'll undoubtedly be issuing a beach conditions downgrade before long.  We're back to one and two foot seas already.  And it looks like it will stay that way for a while again.
There is a new storm in the Atlantic named Kirk.  It will remain out in the middle of the Atlantic.  Another storm may be forming behind it though.

Sand Bar Forming in Front of Beach

In the mean time, on the Treasure Coast a bar is forming in the front of a number of the beaches.  The sand that was swept out a couple of days ago is building there and leaving a dip in between the bar and the beach at some locations.  

Yesterday I found that some of the cut beaches were already filling.  It wasn't real apparent, but spots that were previously flat were becoming more convex.  The cuts still looked pretty much the same, but the area in front of the cuts was filling.

A foot, or even less of new sand may not seem like much, especially when it is in front of a four foot or bigger cut, but it makes a world of difference.  It might not even be apparent at first glance, but it does make a difference.

Sand Accumulating in Front of Cut

When you find a productive beach and return to it another day, look closely for areas where new sand has accumulated or eroded a little more.  Even a few inches can make a difference.  

If you place a few stakes at key locations, you can better judge what has changed since your last visit.  Spots that were productive on the first visit may not longer be any good, and other unproductive spots may now be productive.  Carefully inspect the beach and remember what it looked like.

There are still cuts around the Treasure coast, but they are filling.  And there were a lot of detectorists out yesterday, so some beaches were heavily worked.

It would be a good time to check some of the secondary beaches looking for left overs on beaches that weren't worked as heavily, or looking for any spots that may have improved overnight on the more heavily worked beaches.

Below is pictured one find from Monday.    This one is just a plain 14K band, but the melt value is around $160.  From the patina that was on it, I would guess that it is not a recent loss, but had been buried for a few years.

I'd like to receive photos of any beach finds made the last couple of days, especially cobs or artifacts.

You might consider changing your focus from cobs to artifacts as beach conditions deteriorate

Like I said, I'll probably be issuing a beach conditions downgrade in a day or so. 

Happy hunting,

14K Band