Monday, August 27, 2012

8/27/12 Report - Beach Conditions Upgrade on Treasure Coast

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NOTE: Additional material added to end of post this evening.

Eroded Treasure Coast Beach Monday Morning

Yesterday, none of the beaches on the Treasure Coast looked good.  In addition to the beaches I looked at and posted, Bernie C. sent in a report from some of the beaches that I didn't visit and his report verified what I said.  As of yesterday morning, beach detecting conditions around the Treasure Coast remained poor.

Between yesterday and this morning, the wind shifted, and some of the beaches got cut.  Here is one that I spent some time on this morning.  A five to six foot cut ran for hundreds of yards.

I visited another beach that had deteriorated even more from the poor conditions yesterday.

One beach will cut while another will build.  It has to do with a lot of factors, including the angle of the beach and how the waves hit it.

I'm upgrading my Treasure Coast Treasure Beach Detecting Conditions from a 1 to a 2.   (The scale is a five point scale with 1 indicating poor and 5 excellent conditions.) 

That is the first beach conditions upgrade that I've issued for quite a while.  While that one beach looked good it is not as good as it looks.  And not all of the beaches improved, as I said. 

Beach Without Erosion Monday Morning
I would bet that the beaches with rocks or other obstacles to the flow of sand, probably eroded on the north side of the obstacles.

On the beach that I saw that was very eroded, the sand got pulled out to the shallow water, extending the beach.  A lot of shells were on the front of the beach.  

I don't have time for any more right now but wanted to get the upgrade in.  Hopefully, I'll have a chance to post more later today.

I have more to post, but don't have the time right now.

Added near 8 PM.

The wind is now from the southeast and the waves at many beaches are hitting from a southeast direction.  While northeast winds are much more effective in puttng cobs on the beach, southeast winds can cause erosion.  And erosion will lead to increased finds.

I know of a few gold rings that have been found in the last few days, including one this morning on one of the main 1715 Fleet beaches.  While people don't hunt modern jewelry much on the shipwreck beaches, some of them do produce a good bit, especially those beaches like the beach at Jupiter Inlet, which has had a lot of beach traffic over the years.

Not long ago I talked about older modern items, and how theyy can indicate that you are possibly getting closer to the even older finds.

The seas will be decreasing through the night, and will be down to two or three feet tomorrow.   Continued south/southeast winds won't put many cobs on the beach, although a small number have undoubtedly been found in the past few days.  I am expecting some artifacts to be found on the beaches the next couple of days.

If you are a shell or fossil hunter, there were a lot of shells and a few fossils mixed in with the shells on at least one Treasure Coast beach today.

I didn't find any coin lines or holes today, just scattered items, with very light pieces of aluminum and gold being found in close proximity. 

Expect southerly winds and nearly flat seas Tuesday and Wednesday.   

The West Coast should provide some very interesting hunting after Isaac passes by.

Happy hunting,