Thursday, August 16, 2012

8/16/12 Report - La Galga, Steamboat Arabia & Clams

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Find and photo by Ken A.  See below.
Here is a great article.  It was published in an antique bottle magazine.  You can find good clues and information in a lot of different types of places.

The article is about the excavation of the steamboat Arabia.  It was found under tons of earth in a cornfield.

Waterways change.  Beaches change.   Inlets come and go.

A few days ago I showed how much the coast of Florida has changed over the thousands of years.  It  changes constantly.

I'm convinced that there are shipwrecks under some of our beaches, especially in areas where the sand tends to accumulate.  I've mentioned that before, as well as my guess as to some of the more likely places.

The presence of a shipwreck can change the shoreline.  It will trap sand, which can continue to build.

Here is the link to that article on the steamboat Arabia.

Great photo showing how deeply it was buried and how well preserved it was?

I received an email from John Amrhein, who wrote a book on the La Galga of the 1750 Fleet.   His research indicates that La Galga is now buried where an old inlet used to run.

Here is a link to one older article on that.

Ken A. recently visited Ruck's Pit and said he had a great time.  Above is a photo of one of his finds.  Look at those crystals!

He said it was hot.   You definitely have to be prepared for that this time of year.

Treasure Coast Treasure Beach Detecting Forecast and Conditions.

It is hot.  The wind is from the southwest.   The swells were rolling in a little bigger than I expected this morning.    The surf web sites are predicting one foot seas for today with not much change for a while.

We have Tropical Storm Gordon now, but Gordon is already well north of us and headed towards Europe, not the US.

Four boats were working the Nieves site this morning.

I saw a lot of big shell piles this morning, which gave up some small metal objects, fossils, sea glass, and pot shards.   More on that tomorrow.

Although conditions are not good at all for finding old shipwreck coins on the beach, there is stilll a lot out there to keep a person entertained.

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