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8/25/12 Report - Just a Little Erosion Beginning on Treasure Coast Beaches So Far.

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You are probably aware that Isaac is expected to go into the Gulf but give us some more windy rainy day.  The West Coast of Florida and the Panhandle will get a lot more of Isaac than us.
Erosion just beginning on one Treasure Coast beach.
I went out to see what was going on this afternoon around the time of high tide.  I looked at a half dozen different beaches.   Three showed absolutely  no new  erosion, one very little, an one a bit more.  Near high tide, it did not appear that the water would get to the dunes at any of those locations.

That is just a sample.  I am sure that there is probably a spot of two somewhere on the Treasure Coast that is better than anything that I saw.  Areas with rocks or other obstacles to the natural flow of sand are good prospects.

The first photo shows one beach where erosion was just beginning.  There was very little though when I was there.  This beach was actually better than it looks in the photo.  The front of the beach was becoming more steep and firm.

The second photo shows a beach where one foot high cuts and scallops ran for a few hundred yards.  The second beach looks good, but for finding cobs, is probably no better than the beach in the first photo. 

In front of the cuts was very mushy sand.  The sand that was being eroded was newly accumulated unproductive sand.

The fact that there was any erosion at all is a good thing.  Whether it continues or not depends upon how the water continues to hit the beach.
One foot cuts along one Treasure Coast beach.

I am not giving an upgrade on my Beach Detecting Conditions Rating Scale yet.  As I explained yesterday the rating scale rates beach conditions for finding old shipwreck treasure coins.  Even though the sand on some front beaches was stirred up enough to improve conditions for finding some types of artifacts, it hasn't improved significantly the chances of finding cobs at the vast majority of locations.   Therefore, I'll keep my 1 (poor) rating for now.   There is the chance, if we get enough additional improvement, of a rating upgrade in the next day or two.

The seas will continue to increase until later tomorrow (Sunday) and then decrease Monday and into next week, and then we'll get those all too familiar South winds again.  That won't give much time for erosion to occur.

Peak seas tomorrow will probably only be around seven feet.  That isn't really much.

Same beach as above.

A big gold and silver coin hoard was discovered in Bulgaria.

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