Saturday, August 4, 2012

8/4/12 Report - Another Tropical Storm to Watch Now

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Small cut found at one Treasure Coast beach this morning.
Yesterday we got some wind and waves.  I took a look this morning to see what if anything happened at the beach.  Here it is.

As you can see there was some movement of sand, and some small cuts.  The cuts however were out on the front beach in recently accumulated sand, and the sand in front of the cuts was still mushy.  There had been cuts not long ago to the west of this.  All in all, these cuts were not sufficient for me to even think of increasing my beach conditions rating.  It may have been enough, however, to freshen up a few low tide areas, but not even most of them.

National Hurricane Center Map.  8 AM Update.
There is still a lot of sand on the beach fronts and in the shallow water, and that means it will take more to make the beaches productive if and when we do get a storm or some good movement of sand.

Tropical Storm Ernesto is heading for the Gulf and the Yucatan, going south of Jamaica, and is expected to become a hurricane.  W

Another tropical storm has just formed, Florence.  Florence is still over by Africa, but is also expected to strengthen.   The present prediction is for Florence to head a little more to the north than Ernesto.  It is still east of the Windward Islands.  It will be a while before we get a good  idea of the track of Florence.   I think we'll have to watch that one closely.

Projected Path of Florence.
In the mean time the disturbance in the Bahamas will affect us most, but probably no more than some wind and waves - nothing more significant.

For the time being, conditions remain poor.

That is all I have for you right now.

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