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8/19/12 Report - Atocha Emerald Ring, More Anchors, and Storm to Watch

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Photo Received Via Email From Mel Fisher Organization.
Here is another view of the recent Atocha emerald ring find.  I like to study examples like this so I can more easily identify  finds.

One feature on this ring that I haven't seen before is the raised point of gold at the corners of the stone.

I mentioned the recent Treasure Coast anchor find in my most recent post.  It is not real unusual to find anchors around the Treasure Coast.  Most, of course, won't be from Spanish galleons.

Mostly they are small anchors.  And some pretty new.

Here is a photo of one small anchor that was found on the Treasure Coast some years ago.  Nothing great, but it is an older style.  I'm guessing, maybe from the nineteen forties or fifties.  

Small Anchor Found on Treasure Coast

I think it might be called a Byers stockless anchor.

Below is a picture of the stock of another anchor found on the Treasure Coast.   It is very much like the anchors on the boardwalk of Jaycee Park in Vero, but is not nearly as big.   I would say late 18 or early 1900s.

You can see some interesting anchors as you drive along A1A.  

As you go north from Perry Park, there are two on the right side of the road before you get to Indian River County.  These two are very easy to miss as you drive.

Anchor Found on Treasure Coast
A really old and big anchor is in front of some condos on the left of A1A as you go north towards Turtle Trail.  It has a marker and bench beside it.

Old anchors can be seen all around the Treasure Coast.  Some people have them in the front yard and some even to hold up their mail box. 

There is now a tropical wave in the Atlantic that bears watching.  It already has a 70% chance of becoming a cyclone and appears to be heading towards the Windward Isles.   This one has some chance of affecting us.  Presently it is moving westward.

No change in conditions yet.  Keep watching.

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