Wednesday, August 15, 2012

8/15/12 Report - $200 Million Treasure, Big Fin & Good Book

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Photo and Find by William M.
I was standing in a little less than waist deep in the water in the Indian River Lagoon Tuesday evening  as the sun was going down and spotted a fin at some distance.  I didn't know how much distance for a while.  I continued to watch, and the fin came closer, and closer, and got bigger and bigger -  bigger than I ever expected.

I was doing some cast netting and kept my eye on the fin as it came closer.   I wondered what type of fish it might be.  For while I entertained the idea of seeing if I could catch it to get a closer look.   It would have been an exciting adventure for sure, but also stupid.   It is probably a very good thing it never got close enough for that because there is some possibility that stupid might have won out over common sense.  I am now pretty sure that it was a shark - and a pretty healthy one at that.

There are sharks in the Lagoon.  In fact the Florida Museum of Natural History has been studying them and says that the Lagoon is a very important Bull Shark nursery.

Here is a link for more information about that.

Above is a picture of the lead seal found by William M. after a good cleaning.  The cleaning didn't reveal any more detail. 

If anyone can identify this seal, please let me know.

A  famous British archaeologist is looking for more than $200 million in gold, silver and jewels on a deserted island in the Pacific.  The treasure is the famed Treasure of Lima, thought to be buried on the island in 1821 by Captain William Thompson.

There is one book that I recently read that I'll mention.  Not because anyone contacted me or that I get anything at all from it, but because I think it would be very useful for any novice Floria fossil hunter.  The name of that book is Florida's Fossils: A Guide to Location, Identification and Enjoyment by Robin Brown.

There are a number of good books on Florida Fossils that I've read, and they all have their good points.  This one isn't real technical but gives you the information you need to get started collecting Florida fossils. One thing I really like about this book is the maps that show a number of good places where you can access good fossil sites.

The capsized Costa Concordia hasn't been moved yet and might not be moved until Spring.  Here is the link for more about that.

Treasure Coast Treasure Beach Detecting Forecast and Conditions.

The wind  is out of the southwest and the seas flat to knee high.  No change in the calm seas and sandy beaches is expected for at least a few days.

The low tide today will be about 1:00 PM.

There is a low pressure area in the Atlantic that has an 80% chance of becoming a cyclone in the next 48 hours, however it looks like it will turn north and not affect us on the Treasure Coast.

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