Tuesday, December 25, 2012

12/25/12 Report - A Pre Christmas Walk

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I hope you are enjoying your Christmas.  I am.

I didn't expect to even do a post today but had a little time while nibbling on some fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies and waiting for some other stuff to cook.  So if the post comes together quickly without much fuss, I'll publish it.

The other day I took a little pre Christmas walk and thought I'd share some of the trip with you today.  It only lasted about an hour but I thought the variety of eye-balled finds was interesting. 

This wasn't a serious hunt.  More of a leisurely scouting expedition without a metal detector.

First, I found these very heavy lead(?) blocks shown below.  They seem to weigh somewhere between 50 and a hundred pounds.  It seems like they must be lead.  They are as heavy as anything that size I've ever seen.  Evidently they are some type of ballast.  Not necessarily boat.  Maybe heavy equipment.   Ideas anyone?

Then I found on old round milk bottle.  You'll see a photo of the milk bottle and small cork top bottle below.

The round bottles like this are older than the more square bottom bottles that came later.

I'll leave out a lot of the miscellaneous pieces of junk I looked at along the way.

Then I came to the remains of one of the older docks on the Indian River.  This one seems like it was about ten feet high.  More of it remained until the year when we had all of those hurricanes.

Around here were a lot of broken old bottles, included tops from old cork top bottles and embossed broken sides from old bottles.  Some showing purple from sunning over the years.  All good signs that it might be worth continuing the walk.

Those are good clues.  That is the type of thing I look for.  It tells you there are probably other old things in the area.  Inspect broken pieces to see what they might tell you.

Moving along, I found a \marble and then the little cork top bottle shown in front of the milk bottle and then a farther along another marble.  

Then some copper tubes.  I posted the value of scrap copper not long ago. 

Then this blue glass rod.  Hard to tell the age of this or what it was for.   Surprisingly, colored glass rods were often used along with glass beads as trade beads. 

This glass rod is rounded (intentionally it seems) on one end and broken off on the other end.  Again, any ideas?  I would guess it was the stem on glassware if the one end wasn't rounded instead of broken. 

Then the oldest find, a fossilized Dugong rib.  That is shown above in the photo with the copper tubes.  Didn't expect to see that where it was found.  I had found a fossil Great White tooth a mile or so north of here, but not many fossils.

Just goes to show that you need to keep your eyes open and that you can find things thousands of years old on a little leisurely walk.

And then the funniest find that I noticed on the way back.  Here it is.

A string of pirate beads.  The plastic labels say "Captain Morgan's Original Spiced Rum."

Notice the plastic pirate at the bottom of the string of beads.

I might comment more on some of these finds some other time.

That was one leisurely little walk.  Thanks for coming with me.  

I'm not going to bother with a conditions report today.   I'm done with my cookies and other good stuff is cooking, and I'll be able to soon see my nephew who is down from New York.

So wishing you a very Merry Christmas.   Make the best of it all no matter how good or bad it seems to be going for you.

Best wishes,