Friday, December 28, 2012

12/28/12 Report - Damaged Air Force Ring Found & Signs of Gold Holes

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 Here is a broken and flattened ring.   It reads "United States Air Force."  In the top photo, the "UNITED" is upside down, going right to left, starting in the middle, and the "AIR FO" can be seen going right to left.

Obviously the stone is gone.  It appears to be a base metal.

No other information is on the ring.

I wonder if someone can provide any information or ideas about it's age or what type of personnel might have owned it.

You can see the wings on this side.

Here is the other side of the same ring.  You can see a star in a circle on this side as well as wings.

Any information on the ring would be appreciated.

This flattened ring also brings up another topic that I don't talk about much.  It was a shallow water find.  Flattened items like this are a good sign.  They are often found in or near shallow water hot spots. 

I've shown bent coins before.  Evidently there are times and places where sunken items undergo a lot of pressure.  I think they must end up under and between rocks but eventually are uncovered.   I think that occurs under the front of the beach and out in the shallow water area where the sand comes and goes and where there is a lot of turmoil from time to time.

Anyhow, damaged items like these are often found in or near shallow water gold holes and are a good sign. 

Sometimes good concentrations of gold are found in the middle of coin holes, but there are times when several items of gold are found without any concentration of coins.  That is what I refer to as a "gold hole."

Older items as well as damage items like this can indicate that you are getting close to a hot spot where items that have been lost for some time are accumulating.  When you find items showing signs of having been lost a good while, slow down and check thoroughly for more items and especially concentrations of items.

One of my Christmas presents was the book Artifacts of  the Spanish Colonies of Florida and the Caribbean, 1500 - 1800.  In that book is shown a necklace of chevron beads and colored glass rods.

A couple of days ago  I found a blue glass rod that I showed in a post.  I didn't know that it could possibly be that old and still don't think that it is, but it is good to be aware of things like that.  I regret that in the past I thought some finds were modern when they could have been very old.  Sometimes it is very hard to tell. 

It is good to be familiar with a broad range of items of different age periods.  It is awful easy to make a mistake.  And mistakes like that can cause you to miss many good finds.  It is important to be able to accurately assess clues while in the field.  One good clue can lead to many finds.

Here is a video of Dolores, the Fisher's new HAUV, provided by the Mel Fisher organization.

Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Forecast and Conditions.

It is a beautiful day to be out.  Nice blue sky.  Nice temperature.

The ocean is near flat, as is the Indian River.  Nice day for water hunting.  Also getting out in the low tide zone.

Conditions for detecting old stuff on the beach remains poor.

The ocean will be just a touch rougher over the weekend, but very little.

No real change is expected in the immediate forecast.

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