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12/19/12 Report - Worm Reef at Bathtub Beach & Some Big Gold Discoveries

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Ancient Gold Necklace
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I often mention Bathtub Beach and often receive questions about detecting there.  One thing you should know about if do detect there is the Sabellariid Worm reef.  Be very careful not to destroy the reef.

Here is an article about that.

Bathtub Beach isn't the only place you will find these worm reefs.  They exist from Miami to Cape Kennedy.

Here is a web site proclaiming ten of the biggest gold treasure discoveries ever worldwide.

None of those listed are shipwreck discoveries.

90 more  items that could be part of the Staffordshire Hoard were discovered recently. The original hoard, discovered in 2009, was found in the same field. The new items were discovered by detectorists after the field was plowed.

Here is that link.

Here is an article about some old coins found in a lawn during landscaping.

The surf on the Treasure Coast is calm this morning, down around 1 - 2 feet.  Not much wind either.  Just a very light breeze.   Beautiful weather again.   Unfortunately beach detecting conditions for anything but modern items remains poor.  At least you can detect the low tide zone and shallow water fairly easily.

Remember to stay out of the water in leased areas.

We're still expecting a higher surf this weekend, but not enough to do much good -  probably something like 3 - 5 feet, at best.

Only a few more detecting days until Christmas.

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