Sunday, December 16, 2012

12/16/12 Report - Beach Conditions and Photos

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Jensen Beach From the North End.
It seems action on the beach has been a little slow lately.   It appears that not many people are visiting the beaches on the weekend and not many people detecting.  I would guess that part of that is the time of year.  There are a lot of Christmas activities now and a lot of shopping to do.   And hunting conditions have not been great.  A little bit of a let down after Sandy.  Still there are some nice pieces of modern gold being picked up.

Anyhow, I got out to get some photos with my new camera, which is really made primarily for action videos, but I took some stills.

Here are some photos of South Hutchinson Island beaches.  I used a wide angle lens, so you might notice some curvature in some of the photos.

The first was taken from the north end of Jensen Beach a little before low tide.  The beach there still has a broad flat front beach in the low tide zone.  There was one detectorist there, who you can see near the middle of the photo.

The cuts pretty much remain, but I'm sure that beach has been detected many times.  Still, I'm sure that the low tide zone will produce a few remaining finds.  The flat beach extends out into the shallow water a good piece.   Despite the over-hunting, it still looks like one of the better beaches in that area at this time. 

Walton Rocks Looking South.
The second photo shows Walton Rocks looking south from the beach access. As you know, this beach was closed for quite a while after Sandy as the sand washed down into the parking area. At that time the cliff up to the north of the Power Plant eroded pretty good, revealing a lot of newly uncovered material including fossils, modern coins and construction debris. The tons of sand they dumped in front of the canal to the north also completely washed away. I wonder how many millions of dollars they wasted on that, plus planting all of the sea oats which are now completely gone. 

Anyhow, beach conditions there aren't encouraging.  I did notice though, that the flat area at the top of the beach near the beach access where people often lounged is now narrower than it was before Sandy.

John Brooks Park Looking North From Beach Access
The third photo is of John Brooks Park looking south.  Sandy beach conditions here.

The flat mid-beach isn't as high as it was before Sandy and the high tides are still getting up over the berm a little.

The wind is now from the southeast.  That's not good.  And the surf is running around 3 - 5 feet today, but will decrease down to around 1 - 2 feet through Thursday.

Wednesday and Thursday might be good weather for low tide or shallow water hunting.

Friday the surf is expected to increase back up to around 3 - 5 feet again.

Low tide this afternoon is around 4:20 PM.

A couple of eleven year old boys found a Mastodon bone in a creek bed.

Here is the link for that.

I'll have to get some recent finds photographed for my next posts.  Some modern gold and things have been popping up even though hunting for old treasures has been slow on the Treasure Coast lately.

I also need to make some videos when I get my new camera mastered.

Happy hunting,