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12/6/12 - Gold Nuggets and Dust, 1812 Wrecks & Bronze Helmet

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Large Gold Nugget With Interesting History
I noticed this large gold nugget for sale in a Americana and Numismatic auction on icollector.  It has nearly $50 thousand of gold in it.  Not that anyone would ever melt it down.  As a natural gold nugget it will sell for much more.  Not to speak of its interesting history.

Here is the link if you want to read more about that.

You might be wondering what gold nuggets have to do with the Treasure Coast.   Gold nuggets have been found on the Treasure Coast beaches.   Raw gold was sometimes carried on the treasure galleons. 

At Rio Mar you might be able to see gold dust in the reef.   There have been attempts to recover it in the past, but it is very fine and difficult to salvage.

There are other interesting items in the auction, so you might enjoy looking through it.

Here is an interesting article about the Hamilton and the Scourge, two ships from the War of 1812 found in Lake Ontario.

Here are a couple of sentences from the above referenced article.

This means the ships are protected, and diving is prohibited unless an archaeological licence is obtained. There is a radar surveillance system in place to monitor the site and to prevent unauthorized divers from trying to sneak a peek.

So the pretense of saving history for the people has been removed.   If you are one of those poor slobs paying taxes to fund this effort, don't dare trying to see it.   That would be a terrible crime.   Just provide the funding and then  leave it all to the archies and zebra mussels.  Forget about it.  If you're interested enough in history to want to take a peak, you're a criminal.

A iron age bronze helmet was found by a metal detector enthusiast who contacted archaeologists about the find.  The helmet was found with bone fragments and might have been part of a cremation burial.

Here is the link.