Tuesday, December 11, 2012

12/11/12 Report - High Priced Treasures & More

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Gold Bar Sold in SedwickCoins Auction. 
Photo from SedwickCoins Email.
Here is the link to see more of the top selling items from completed Sedwick Coins auctions.  A really nice group. 


You can occasionally learn something by watching TV.  I sometimes watch metal detecting or treasure hunting programs.  One of my favorites is Meteorite Men.  For some strange reason, I can watch those two guys walk around looking for meteors all day.   Sometimes they use detectors and sometimes not.  As I've said before, I like eye-balling probably better than detecting.  I prefer to go low tech.  It takes more knowledge to do well without a detector, and I enjoy the challenge, but the thing is you can find so much more with a detector.   Nonetheless I think eye-balling is a skill that should be practiced.  Too many people miss too much simply because they don't notice the clues.

I'm wandering off point here.  I started to talk about TV.   I don't like the shows where they dramatize everything.  Maybe that is one reason I like the Meteorite Men.  They seem real, unfaked and show it pretty much how it is.   Just this past weekend I saw them get very frustrated in a couple of episodes.  That is the first time I saw them get frustrated to that extent.  And part of the reason was because they were using new very deep-seeking detectors that they obviously hadn't used much before.   I've stated my opinions before about what I believe is an over-emphasis on how deep different detectors will detect.  I've also stated my feelings on the importance of learning to use your equipment well. 

Take the time to practice using your detector on various targets in various types of conditions.  Take a variety of targets out in your backyard or to the beach.  Plant targets and experiment with various detector settings.  Learn to know what your detector is telling you.

I'm getting ahead of myself again.  In a few days I'll have some additional observations on why those fellows failed and got so frustrated.   A lot of it could have been avoided. 

Oh.  Here is a warning.  If you are going to experiment on a beach, make sure you don't lose a valuable test target in the process. It is very easy to do, especially when working in wet sand or moving water. Just a warning.

Here is a web site that gives general information for pricing Spanish Colonial cobs or coins.   It isn't detailed but gives a few very general guidelines.


Famed explorer of the Titanic, Robert Ballard, discusses evidence of Noah's flood in a National Geographic special.


According to the surf web sites, the surf will be around 1 - 2 feet today and until Friday when you can expect an increase to up around 3 - 5 feet.

The wind is from the south/southwest today.   Don't expect any improvement in detecting conditions with that.

Low tide around the Treasure Coast will be close to noon.

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